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A Crash Course in Making Your Own Voice Application: Introducing the JavaScript Starter Voice App!

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs


At MindMeld, we understand that a seamless UI can make or break your app. Therefore, we’ve released three important widgets that come bundled in our JavaScript SDK, along with a reference app to tie it all together. Our Starter Voice App is a fully working application, and can be used on its own or to complement any pre-existing MindMeld app.

The first widget in our Starter Voice App is the microphone. Since voice is such an important part of a MindMeld application, we’ve made our microphone available so you can spend more time focusing on the details of your app. The microphone contains the speech recognition functionality, and also includes images and animations. Tap it to start listening, tap it again to stop, or do a long press to listen continuously.

The second widget is a search input that accompanies the microphone. It records what the user says, and allows them to both type and speak a query. Combined with the microphone, it provides a complete input UI.

Once you’ve searched for something, you’ll need to display the results. Our cards widget displays the returned documents as cards, animating them as they are added, removed, or have their order changed.  The card itself is a Handlebars template, so you can have full control over the appearance.

Start making smarter apps with our Starter Voice App! Check out the documentation page for more details on how to get started:

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