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A Cousin Makes an Excellent Point About Upcoming Technology

Posted on the 02 May 2013 by Morage @kebmebms

Glass   You have likely heard of Google's developing technology, their glasses, that are computer-equipped and -enabled.   As bad as American's have proven to be already, what with our cell phones and the car accidents we have wherein people have been hurt and, of course, worse yet, killed, my cousin makes the following observation yesterday on Facebook post on my page:   "Prepare to die in a horrible head-on crash."   Seriously. Can you imagine?   Some idiot will buy a pair of these things and feel sure he (for it will most surely be a male) can "absolutely, positively drive with these things."   Watch for it.   Congress should move immediately to simply and quickly outlaw the operation of automobiles with these things, before anyone gets remotely close to having this happen.   Instead, what will happen is our legislators and laws will wait, do nothing and be behind time on this. Consequently, people will be hurt, people will be killed first.   And then and only then will anyone in government think to react.   Facepalm.   Link:   6 New Google Glass Demos Worth a Watch - Mashable 

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