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A Chill Beauty Station

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz

A Chill Beauty Station
With the proliferation of and desire for organic and all natural beauty products, the question of how to best keep everything fresh has brought about an obvious solution that we have somehow overlooked  Koran women have known this and have been refrigerating their cosmetics for eons.  Americans are a little slow to the party ~ until now.
Chilling your cosmetics, beauty products, and let me go a step further and include medication, keeps them fresh thereby creates a longer shelf life and  maintains maximum potency.  All natural beauty products lack preservatives so spoilage occurs more quickly.  Cosmetics that are held at room temperature can also benefit, it keeps oxidation at bay.  We are told moisturizers only last so long when exposed to air, after the suggested shelf life expires, we are told to throw things away.  If we can hold on to our beauty products a little longer it becomes a money saver.  I'll do anything to keep my La Mer fresh!
A Chill Beauty Station
The 15 inch  spa and beauty True refrigerator  can be customized with an array of different panels and colored LED lights.  Products can be cooled to as low as 33 degrees.  A cool towel and some water is a nice bonus for freshening up.

Plain and simple ~ it's brilliant!  Oh how I long for this in my spa like master suite with a coffee and wine bar.  I'm going to visualize it and see what happens.

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