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a Child Known by Fathers Name??

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
Updated: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 0:29 ISTThe Indian Express
Father’s name not must for passport: HC
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Utkarsh Anand : New Delhi, Mon Feb 28 2011, 00:17 hrs
A single mother’s determination in procuring a passport for her daughter without having to mention the father’s name on the document, led the Delhi High Court to announce what is likely to be hailed as a progressive ruling
   a child known by fathers name??
  i have always said " we were not made for each other " rather than putting it as " he was not a good husband "  but at the same time, i cant stop from saying " he could not make a good father ".A man who compromised a childs love for another woman ,a father who never tried to get in touch with his own blood is something , i have not been able to come to terms with till date. Such was the pain that we experienced  his name is not pronounced in our house ,  he is HE for us , not a single picture of him in our house nor a single thing that would remind us of him . Both of us dropped his name after my divorce nor we wanted his name to be used in any of our documents like passport,or driving licence etc etc ,which was quite easy for me as i could use my fathers name but it was a major issue in my daughters case ,as in certain documents fathers name was a must,but my daughter wanted to be known as her mothers daugher and not her fathers daughter.Several times ,i would fill up forms stating my status as single and would mention , "daughter 1 No " in childrens column, which actually raised several eyebrows and a couple of times i argued  "why ,cant a single woman have a child" on being asked   "ma'm you are single but you mentioned you have a child" .i would see a wierd look on their face while they thought and would agree to the point i was trying to put across. I always questioned why a child be known by its fathers name,what about single mothers ? and i srongly felt there that a child should have an option to use either mothers or fathers name ,when both parents make equal contribution to bring a new life in this world why cant a child use the name of his choice or an option of mothers name be given to the child ,many may not agree with me but it seems quite okay to me.Well ,the biggest challenge for us now was to wipe out his name from our life and you may call it sheer luck or what so ever we managed to do so by writing my name in place of both mothers and fathers name.the first thing she got was her pan card with her mothers name printed on it followed by her driving license and rest of the documents. I felt so relieved by the news of high court ruling,that fathers name is not must in passport form in 2011 but surprisingly  we are still stuck on the passport as the agents are still not accepting the form without the mention of fathers name , i thought i probably can attach the news print out and submit the form . i appreciate advice on this issue.
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