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A Cake and a Half

By Sue15cat
A Cake and a Half
We worked really hard this weekend, in amongst doggy walks, ordering materials for the front splay work and house cleaning we moved around 50 wheelbarrow loads of chippings, weeded and replenished the front flower beds, chopped wood, tidied the driveway ready for this weeks deliveries, unearthed and cleaned out the little Broody House so we are ready for the new chicks arrival and planted lots of seeds in the polytunnel.
So I thought we deserved a treat.
I had bought a punnet of strawberries, they were Spanish but they looked good and I was tempted.  It's not long now until good old British strawberries hit the shops and the raised beds, but spying these in the shop made me succumb  :-)
After seeing Lovely Hubby drooling over a black forest gateau in Debenhams cafe, when we called in for a coffee to thaw out our hands, after a long freezing cold doggy walk along the prom in Llandudno first thing in the morning, I decided to oomph up the strawberries and cream a little bit.
A Cake and a Half
So with it being Easter and chocolate just having to be brought into the occasion somehow, I whipped up a quick chocolate sponge cake and layered everything up and up and up.  It's looks luscious doesn't it .... but I can hear you saying greedy sods, such a whopping cake for two people.
A Cake and a Half
But looks can be deceiving, spin the plate round and my secret is revealed.
It's not a cake and a half .... it's half a cake !!
A Cake and a Half
Weight-loss Monday
Yes, I know it's Tuesday but after this super busy weekend my body is telling me it's Friday so to get here on Tuesday for weight-loss Monday is pretty good ;-)
Somehow after helping eat some of the cake I am blessed to be able to reveal this weeks weight loss.
  Just lb ... but hey ho, to lose a whole pound since last week after scoffing chocolate cake, strawberries and cream is a minor miracle.  I'm happy.
Sue xx

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