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A Brighter Display with the iPhone 9 and Exceptional Stereo Speaker

Posted on the 21 March 2017 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

The display of new iPhone has become a 25% brighter, has a wide range of colors and, of course, 3D Touch. But all the same audio jack removed: EarPods headphones are now connected by Lightning. There are, of course, and adapter included for those who do not want to sell your own headphones with 3.5mm interface. And if you want to connect headphones Bluetooth, Apple introduced a wireless AirPods. Inside the iPhone the new chip: Apple A10 (or rather A10 Fusion) with 64-bit architecture. He quad. When Moore’s Law will put an end to this? The miracle of technology, really. CPU 40% faster. Not surprising. But faster graphics as much as 50%. In general, iPhone 9 features to 120 times faster than the original iPhone. Something unreal. In all these capacities iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus uses the same or less power than the iPhone 5s. And this level with a console game! In general, it is necessary to study, looks very interesting. Batteries added as the iPhone 9 and the iPhone 9 Plus – the longest battery life in the entire history of the iPhone. At 2 hours and the iPhone 8s 1 hour iPhone 8s Plus respectively.

A brighter display with the iPhone 9 and exceptional stereo speaker

According to FaceTime will also speak better. Accordingly, your selfie also become better as the FaceTime camera-also notably pumped. The front camera will now perform its function at your best, even two hundred percent. Instagram selfie exactly flooded, it is time to move away from there. Still camera FaceTime HD and 7 megapixels. There is support for LTE-A. Pricing in the US policy has not changed, it is represented in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. More details will write a little bit later, and now let’s look at other products and applications. About 10 iOS, for example, there did not write: a new iOS deserves a separate article. In the meantime, write in the comments, will be whether to buy a new iPhone, and what? Sales start already on September 16 in America – 23 September.

Every time we watch infomercials new iPhone, we inevitably ask ourselves: Is it tempting this beauty in real life? And as often happens with Apple products, once you take into the hands of a brand new iPhone 9, there is a sense of belonging to something big and great. And also nice to know that you belong to the few hundred people all over the country that managed to touch the coveted novelty.

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