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A Boy and The Skirt - Final and Rough Edit

Posted on the 20 October 2016 by Kandee @kandeecanread

Final Edit:                       
Rough Cut:This was a fun process and I actually learned a lot about editing and how to use Final Cut Pro thanks to my teammate Jamieson. It also was interesting to work with such a unique and different story and translate that story on screen. We had a lot of mishaps, such as lights randomly dying, a lot of talking in between cuts, so certain audio chunks had to be thrown out and even the fact that we couldn't reshoot anything because our lead went out of town for the military. It was lot on the editing because we didn't have a lot of transition shots between going from place to place so the film is a tad jumpy, but we worked with what we had. I added sound clips from one file to another to make it sound as if there was audio when in actuality it was just cut because of talking. I came into this class hating the production side of things, mainly because it was too hard, but taking on a lot of different roles showed me that I just don't have to do "this" or "that. I can edit, I can produce or whatever else I want to do, except be behind a camera or direct because this project also made me realize I hate doing those things. I'm better suited in the editing room with a bunch of people looking for stuff with me. It's fun and complex enough that I feel like I'm doing actual work without me yelling at people and whatnot and being away from the chaos that is on set.I am an analytical person and I can see how well things translate on the screen and can take meaning from what I see even in the small things like dialouge, coloring, setting, etc, because they all mean something. It was interesting working with people who just like to create these works and stuff because while I like making art, I love more so the thought behind the creative process and making sense of what I see. 

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