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A Bit of Sweet Respite

By Stephanie
Although the weather is still hot, the few heavy rains did brought a little respite to the long dry spell we had earlier. The plants in my garden perked up more after the rain.One night I smelt wonderful fragrance from my Solandra longiflora vine. The next morning, I noticed it collected a little water inside the pale yellow flower... saving some water for later use? :)A Bit of Sweet RespiteMy dwarf pink Ixora is flowering more blooms than usual. I don't know which scenario brought out the flowers - was it the heat from the dry spell or the rain? I think plants can flower more whenever they are stressed up, either shocked by drought or too much water. What do you think?A Bit of Sweet RespiteThe clusters of Ixora flowers are bigger this time round :)A Bit of Sweet RespiteThe other flower that releases wonderful scent is my Jasmine sambac 'Grand Duke of Tuscany'. The bloom however turn brown really fast after the rain. I wonder if this plant will do well in a sheltered area. Any idea? A Bit of Sweet RespiteMy red Anthurium acropolis sent out a double spathe bloom even when the plant looks horrible right now... 'skinny' and do not have lots of leaves. Any advice? A Bit of Sweet RespiteMeanwhile my Medinilla has finally grow back its leaves. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the flowers. Perhaps it will bloom when the temperature gets lower?A Bit of Sweet RespiteA light pink Dendrobium orchid in bloom! Love the color :-D A Bit of Sweet RespiteHappy gardening!PS: The news that confirmed the fate of the MH370 flight is devastating :-(

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