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A Basic Guide To Keywords & How To Find Them

Posted on the 16 January 2012 by Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Poor Keywords = Poor Traffic

Blogging without the basic knowledge of the importance of keywords is a bloggers biggest mistake

Even if you are not interested in traffic, traffic is interested in you. What you write about may just be the thing that someone is searching for. Using keywords allows traffic to find your blog post.


How do you know what keywords to use?

I used the FREE version of  a Keywood Tool to search for keywords to use for my recent Potty Training post - the words Potty Training are searched  852 times each month.

I also noted that Potty Training Tips would give me a further 53 searches, so I want them also. While Potty Training Chart came in 3rd with 43 searches.

By using the keywords – Potty Training – Potty Training Tips & Potty Training Chart I open the post up to 948 possible visits each month.

Rather than using the 1 Keyword of Potty Training, I used 3 Keywords.


There are many Free Keyword Tools that can help you find Keywords – I personally prefer the Google Keyword Tool but it can take some getting used to – I will write a basic users guide in another post.

Keyword tools can help you gain a clear understanding of what words people are searching for that match what you are writing about, if you use these words/phrases in your blog post and pages you attract these people. If people can not find you – then you have a problem.
Before you type a word on a new blog post take 10 minutes to check what words/phrases others are using to find the blog you are about to write. These 10 minutes can make all the difference. 
I will go further into depth about keywords over the next few days. But you now have the basics to start making a difference to your blog.

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