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A Bad Blind Date

By Stoffbyrd
Older guy in front of me on a blind date - fucking up bad. He's going on and on about all the shady things women do on their online profiles. How women lie about their age and their height, while at the same time telling guys under 6' not to bother emailing them.
Never call women out on their scams and hypocrisy to other women. They don't care. They may agree with you, but believe me, they are doing the same thing or would if they needed to. It's not winning you any points. Just like how every woman will make fun of cosmetic surgery (when did the word plastic bite the dust?) but they would all get some in a heartbeat.
I love when guys try to tell women about what is going on with relationships. Almost as bad as a pickup guru boring a woman with his views on "social dynamics". It's all just drama. Logic and analysis is only a diversion away from seduction. This guy has already spilled his life story including all of his failures, in under 30 minutes. This genius is recently divorced and will be single for a long, long time.
Should I slip him the 60 business card. Nah.

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