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A Baby for My Baby

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
 What did I get Evyn for his birthday you ask. Well, I am not ashamed to admit I bought him a baby doll with a bottle and a stroller. I am a firm believer that baby dolls make little boys learn to be good Daddy's. In the past I have bought baby dolls to help the boys prepare for the shock of having a new baby in the home. We practice holding them, loving them, rocking them, an we learn where their little soft spots are and that they are "no no's to touch." Don't get bent out of shape on me tho. There will be no new babies in the Smith house in the near future. This was simply a whim. He loves his baby at the moment of these pictures. Later this day he got his foot caught while trying to fold up the stroller and was convinced it was the poor babies fault. Said baby was tossed across the room head first and we had to explain that the baby done nothing wrong and should not have been throw. I think "the talk" went in one ear and out the other. I must complain about one thing. I am very irritated by the fact Kmart had a whole isle of babies and baby accessories and nothing was boy colors. A couple years ago we bought a baby in blue for Eli when Zackary was due. No blue clothes this time. Only pink, pink or pink. What's up with this people? Pink bottles, pink strollers. Only little girls on the boxes. What are we teaching our young men exactly? That they are only good for driving trucks, tractors and sports cars? A Baby for my Baby
A Baby for my BabyA Baby for my Baby

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