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A 237 Year Old Experiment.

Posted on the 05 July 2013 by Jamesswezey
A 237 Year Old Experiment.Approximately 237 years ago a group of individuals had this idea that they could govern themselves without the protection or strength of a foreign potentate, and thus the United States of America was born, although it was not a certain thing. Europe was still under the sway of omnipotent singular rulers, as was a good deal of the rest of the world. Great Britain had parliament, but it was still ruled by a monarchy. Nowhere else in the world was a large nation ruled democratically in an elected manner by the people, or rather representatives of the people at the time (hence the electoral college). Everyone thought that the United States would fall apart after the Revolutionary War, and it almost did a couple of times, but through compromise, hard work, faith, and patience the United States is still around today. It isn't a perfect country, and there leaves much to be desired, but there is no place I would rather live....well except for perhaps in the Star Wars universe. Happy Birthday America! God bless this great country, its people, all its government representatives, and of course the men and women who protect it every day of every year continually since its inception 237 years ago. So I was thinking to celebrate in the way that I do, that I was going to watch Independence Day like I did last year, but then I thought The Patriot would be more appropriate since it is after all about the Revolutionary War, but then I also thought Act of Valor you know to honor the men and women who fight America's wars. Somehow though I settled on The Hurt Locker, it isn't perhaps a thematically patriotic film in comparison to the previous two, but I think there is something to be said of the sacrifice both body, mind and soul that the men and women yield when they join the American military forces. And I believe that is something that should be remembered and never forgotten, yes we should honor and remember those that have died, but we must also take care and raise up those who survive armed conflict and see the horrors of war. I think it was my second time watching the film, and I have to say that I enjoyed more this time around, although I did like the first time that I saw it as well. Wow that was a long time ago! I think it was three years ago in San Diego, back when so much was different in my life. Anyways. Speaking of things that are different, I will (if I understood correctly) find out if I get accepted into the graduate school that I applied to next week sometime. So, keep your fingers crossed. I was busy editing Book II today, and I would have been busy all week, but I was assisting my sister and brother in-law with their new place. I'm making huge progress with it, and soon I will be sending it off the to the publisher and then start all of the waiting and tinkering process once again. I can't wait (lots and lots of sarcasm there by the way). Work has been busy lately, and I have had some....challenging clients with some...challenging difficulties that can be quite exhausting, but that comes with the territory I suppose. Dexter Season 7 continues to be quite delicious; I only have one disc left, and then I can begin to look into season 8. After posting this, I am going to begin watching Merlin season 5 as Netflix finally put it on streaming thank goodness; I'm very excited about that. I feel like there is something else that I want to write about, but my mind has gone blank. Well I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July celebration, or if you aren't an American or aren't into that kind of thing, then I simply hope that you had a fantastic day. Goodnight and good luck.
The Hurt Locker Trailer
Over There! One of my most favorite USA patriotic songs.
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