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9 Ways To Become A Better You

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

I’m a lover of life. Like, I really love life, and I want you to love life too.

That’s why I wrote this blog post. When you’re a lover of life, you truly become the best you that you can be, and that’s a life-lover.

I want you to win at things. I want you to beat the bad things out of your life. I want you to smile and do important things, even more important things than the things you tend to usually think are important.

So here’s my absolutely unique take on 9 ways to become a better you:

1)   Do more.

Whatever you are doing now, you can do more of it. People who do more tend to do more than people who tend to do less. When you do more, you’re doing a lot of stuff. That’s when things happen.

2)   Don’t do less.

This is super important. If you want to do more, then you can’t do less. I want you to win at life and doing less, especially less than the people who do more, will not help you do that.

3)   Don’t quit.

Quitting is for stupid people. You’re not a stupid person. Go do something and then keep doing it. Focus. Be strong. Charge over hills and conquer mountains like a lighthouse ready to take aim for the shore of dreams.

4)   Be a winner.

Win. Do things. Beat the competition. Then, and only then, will you be a winner. You can be a loser if you want, but I want you to be a winner. Stop losing and start winning.

5)   Dream.

When you dream, you can overcome. Dreamers everywhere talk about the power of their dreams. Dreams are the fuel for our generation. Inspire. Your dreams are the beacon that point to hard work. Conquer.

6)   Work hard.

Not only do you have to do more, you have to work hard at doing more. Hard workers know that working hard is just about getting out there and doing the hard work that needs to be worked on. Some might call it “hustle.” Like Mark Twain said, “Hustle is important.” I think most of us would agree with that.

7)   Give love.

Surprised you with that one, didn’t I? To be the best you, I strongly believe you have to give love. Only by giving love will you receive the love that helps you take it to the next level and accomplish all your dreams like a firework that shines brightly in the sky.

8) Reach for the sky.

That’s not a metaphor. I want you to go outside, stand still, and reach your arms as high as you can. When you reach for the sky like this, you literally open your soul to the dreams you’ve always wanted. Consider yourself a new boat open for passengers, and those passengers are life change, my friend. Sail out of that harbor.

9) Hate the hate.

Have you heard this one? “Haters gonna hate.” Never a truer phrase has been uttered. But you know what I say? “Haters gonna hate. Creators gonna create.” Boom. When you create, you deflect the hate. You send the hate back to the hater like a wave that erupts from a pit of joyfulness. Then the hater is like, “What?”

I’m exhausted.

I feel like I’ve tapped into my inner soul with this post, and I have nothing left to give you, not even a 10th tip.

So go win, my friends. Work hard and do more. Reach for the sky and your dreams will arrive like flower petals unobstructed by a night breeze.

Have a great day!


and Happy April Fool’s! That was my best impression of a cliched motivational life coach. (Past 101 Books April Fool’s Jokes here, here, and here)

It was terrible, I know. Back to books tomorrow.

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