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9 Most Easy to Use Video Editing Software with Instant Videos

Posted on the 03 September 2020 by Ankit Prakash @ankitpr89

Videos stay in the memory of viewers much longer than words remain in the memory of readers. Videos play a crucial role in every aspect of the business. Whether it was for marketing or any other department editing a video to make it look great was only for professionals previously. Thanks to the easy video editing software, the process is made simpler and more comfortable even for a beginner. Videos are crucial for the marketing teams in any organization. The system installed applications like the Windows movie maker enables you to capture a video, put together the video clips based on the timeline, convert it into a movie, and export the final format to a shareable version.

Adobe premiere, windows movie maker and many other applications are available for users to install in the system. However, the video editor in the Windows 10 version became a better video editing alternative. A system install-able video editing software is free, easy to use, and does not require prior film editing experience. Drag and drop on any timeline is available, but the technical glitches leading to frequent crashing and the inability to perform complex editing makes it a not so favorite.

Easy video editing software in open source

Kdenlive, LiVES, OpenShot, VidCutter, Shotcut, Flowblade, Avidemux, Pitivi, and a few other video editing software are available in Linux, macOS, and windows. These editing software's offer features that enable users to make 3D animation effects, drag and drop support with desktop integration, real-time video editing, and many others. All these video editing software is not only easy to use, but they are also available for users to install these applications on the system.

The online video editing apps make video editing a breeze with its cool features. A video plays a vital role in the success of a marketing campaign; hence the videos must look professional. Video marketing is the most trending concept in the world of new-age marketing. Video editing was once viewed as a costly affair and assumed as something that only a professional could do. There have been tons of free and easy video editing software available in the market that suits freelancers and small businesses. These free video editing software's can do wonders to make your videos look professional without burning a hole in your pocket.

Benefits of online video editors for the marketing team - Online video editors help you save time, cost, offers customization, boosts productivity, enables you to work remotely, and create some eye-catching videos with excellent quality.

Easy video editing software

There are tons of easy video editing software available in the market. Quik is a free video editing app that enables users to create videos with automatic editing. Splice is the best video editing software available on mobile and works well for beginners looking to combine multiple clips. Magisto is an AI-based video editing tool that enables users to make their videos look professional do video editing effortlessly and give it a professional look. KineMaster is another best video editing software that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Free and easy video editing software

A significant chunk of the video editing software available in the market charge monthly/ annual fees. OpenShot, Shotcut, Blender, HitFilm Express, DaVinci Resolve 16, and many other video editing software's are available for free. VSDC free video editor offers a full suite of editing tools that is available for windows and enables users to make colour correction, adding filters, mask tools, and many more exciting features.

Easy video editing software for YouTubers

The system installed video editing software works best for Youtubers to edit their videos. Windows movie maker, Virtual Dub, Filmora9, Vegas Pro, and many others are some of the best video editing software that helps create videos effortlessly for Youtubers. All of them work in open source. These video editing tools help in making photo slide shows, can process a large number of files, can support Youtube video formats, sound & fashion effects, colour correction, audio editing, and compatible with the most commonly used formats making it the best software to edit videos for Youtubers.

Easy video editing software for Gamers

Budding talents would like to try their hands-on video editing in the gaming niche without spending a lot on it. Splicing portions from different videos, load screen removal, add audio tracks to the video, voiceovers, and many such features are required to make a gaming video look professional. Wondershare Filmora9, Windows movie maker, Lightworks Pro video editor, and Videopad Master's edition are some of the best video editing software. They enable users to crop/ rotate/split videos, add voiceovers/ text/ subtitles/ audio track, and other such exciting effects for their gaming videos.

These video editing software is not only easy to use but also enables users to work on graphics, transitions, user-friendly interface, and much more without costing much. If you are a beginner looking to make some cool gaming videos, then you must try one of these video editing software. There are tons of easy video editing software for a variety of purposes available in the market. Each of them offers some cool editing tools, while some are available for free the others require a monthly charge. Let us discuss the details about some of the best video editing software, their pricing, features, uses, and templates in particular. enables you to add your logo, customize effortlessly, choose background music for your videos, and allow you to make perfect videos that improve lead generation for your business.


Image editing, multi-channel marketing, promotions management, video support, watermarking, video & text editing, video management, content management, advertising management, customized templates, and social media integration are some of the fantastic features available with


Templates are available in niches like Facebook ads, promo videos, E-commerce, real estate, travel, portraits, marketing, fitness, and many others with broad, square, and vertical ratios for videos.


With the video templates, you can make videos to promote the product/services you offer, to market the new arrivals of your fashion store, to let your customers know about the latest deals, promote sales events, and much more.

  • The annual basic plan costs $39 per month and is billed annually @ $468. The yearly basic plan enables businesses/ content marketers to use up to thirty-six premium clips per year, with no promo watermark, and unlimited video downloads. Full HD videos, fully licensed music, easily usable editor, video templates, free image library, multiple video formats, photo collage maker, logo addition, downloadable MP4 version, mobile app, free social media calendar, and commercial usage rights, are some of the features covered under this plan.
  • The annual standard plan costs $68 per month and is billed annually @ $828. This plan works well for companies/ marketers that use videos for marketing more frequently. The annual standard subscription offers unlimited - premium clips & video downloads, up to brand manageable, customized fonts and personalized watermark along with the other features available in the annual basic plan.
  • The annual PRO plan costs $249 per month and is billed annually @ $2988. The PRO plan covers reseller rights, unlimited premium clips & video downloads, white-label sharing, and up to ten brand management. Large size companies, brands, and agencies would benefit the most with this subscription. Twenty-three million premium video clips, 150 k standard video clips, and the other features available on the Standard annual plan are a part of this plan.

2. Hippo Video

Sales/ marketing team across all businesses use articles/ blogs. A video has the potential to increase your sales by at least two to three times. Hippo Video enables sales teams to stand apart in the crowd, improve sales, and achieve more ROI through a professional-looking recorded video and sending it to the prospective clients, thereby closing on deals at a quicker rate.


Hippo Video features -

  • Enable businesses to customize through customized branding, thumbnails, and metadata.
  • Enable the organization of videos through playlists, analytics, workflows, permissions, and deep search.
  • Helps to manage the private upload of videos, content, and sales coaching.
  • Hippo Video features help in task management, email tracking, and improved outreach.

Google Analytics, Video thumbnail, Facebook pixel, social media sharing, page title, and a few other templates are available.


Team communication videos, online virtual classroom videos, selling/marketing videos, faster contract execution, sales pipeline acceleration, customer support videos, and videos for email communication are some of the best uses of the Hippo Video making it an easy video editing software for most business purposes.


offeo is an easy video editing software that works best for marketers. Thousands of templates with customized animated videos most suitable for marketing campaigns are a part of Offeo. The video editing software works well as a graphic designing tool and a video creation platform. Offeo provides training through webinars and documentation with online support.

  • A well-crafted template library that is helpful for users to build an ideal video.
  • User-friendly user interface feature makes drag-and-drop very easy to use.
  • The animation feature helps in managing a lot of repetitive work in a single click.
  • An excellent audio-track library to make your videos look professional.

The well-designed templates include Beauty, fashion, technology, furniture, portrait, toys, food, and beverages are all available, enabling users to swap images, remove background, and preview designs quickly.

  • Enables to create eye-catching social media content.
  • Helps users to develop advanced tutorials to impress the knowledgeable audience, adding text to videos, storyboard, colour correcting, and background audio.
  • Drag and drop for timeline creation and customized fonts for invitation maker, real estate sales, GIF maker, comic maker, and much more.

Offeo provides a free 30-day trial program and covers unlimited high-quality video downloads, complete projects, templates library, up to 20 GB free data storage, up to thousand animated graphics, up to thousand licensed audio tracks, reseller license, and much more. However, you have to continue the subscription with a $19 a month, and you can cancel anytime.

Viddyoze is an easy video editing software that enables you to create short animated video clips like transitions, intros, and much more with the templates making it a very high-quality professional video for your audience. If you are looking to use software for animation based videos/ GIF, then the features and templates of Viddyoze will work great for you.

Features Templates

Lower thirds, movie filters, alpha technology, live-action animations, intros, transitions, social actions, and a few other templates are available.


Audience engagement, sales generation, and creation of animated videos for a variety of purposes like invitation maker, intros, outros, and much more.


Viddyoze has a fully customizable pricing structure. However, a $3.33 per animation covers multi-user access, 100 GB free storage, reselling license, multi rendering, exclusive templates, and library access. The user training costs $100.

Invideo is an easy video editing software that offers more than three thousand templates, millions of images, and audio tracks to enable users to create videos with text, audio, and logo providing a professional look to it. Invideo helps you to increase your brand awareness, improve sales conversion, and lead generation.

  • Invideo offers tons of exciting features that make video editing a breeze for businesses and individuals that have no real knowledge of it.
  • Split video, merge video, brand/ text overlay, media library, HD resolution support, video stabilization & capture.
  • Social sharing, collaboration, audio tools, and video speed controller are a few other features that make Invideo an easy video editing software.

Real estate, restaurant, fitness, fashion, travel and many other cool templates with square, wide, and square ratios are available.


Invideo is useful for restaurant marketing videos, video ads, promo video maker, business ad maker, real estate marketing, snap chat ads, linked in video ads, and much more.

  • Invideo plans are payable annually. The small business plan costs $10(50% off currently) and enables users to create up to sixty videos per month with unlimited team members addition, automated social media upload, and 24/7 support. Removing Invideo watermark to personalize branding, up to three thousand customized premium video templates, image library, and automated text-to-speech are a few other features covered in this plan.
  • The unlimited plan costs $30 and billed annually. This plan covers unlimited video creation, personalized branding with watermark removal, up to three thousand customized premium video templates, unlimited image and video library, and all the other features available in the small business plan.

6. Content Samurai(Vidnami)

Content samurai now called as Vidnami enables users to create videos much faster, allowing the users to generate more sales, improve lead generation, create more video content, and more. Content samurai has an excellent media library with some stunning templates, music for every context, and much more making it the best video editing software.

Features Templates

Content videos, influencer videos, course videos, facebooks ads, sales videos, e-commerce ads, real estate videos, and Instagram ads templates are available.


Affiliate marketers, niche site owners, freelancers, and social media influencers are some of the users that make the best use of Vidnami (content samurai)

  • There is a seven day free trial for zero fees and enables users to create unlimited videos with no watermark; users can keep the created videos and does not require any credit card details.
  • The monthly plan is the most popular subscription and costs $47 per month. This plan enables users to create unlimited videos, up to thirty cool looking fonts, more than 170 video templates, and millions of royalty-free images. Landscape & square videos, auto-syncing audio & visuals, premium audio tracks, AI-based video selection, customized templates, and a few other editing tools make your video look incredible.
  • The annual plan costs $397 with a 30% discount and covers all the features available in the monthly plan.

Lumen5 is one among the easy video editing software that enables users to make cool videos using its features. Lumen5 helps users to create videos with engaging content for social media posts, ads, and much more. This easy to use video editing software offers some of the best video effects that make it look like a professional video. If you are looking to make some content marketing and video content in particular, then Lumen5 is the best fit. Enterprise brands and organizations use Lumen5 to produce excellent video content that enables them to improve their sales, increase lead generation, and drive growth.

  • Conversion from text to video content enables you to convert articles and blog posts into some awesome videos.
  • Lumen5 creates your storyboard by merely entering the article link.
  • Users can also copy-paste Offline content to create the best video.
  • Plugin RSS feeds to create videos automatically.

Youtube, Instagram stories, Business, Beauty, banking, food, Facebook, fashion, education, gaming, health, holidays, music, real estate, technology, gaming, travel, videos, movies, and a few other templates are available.

  • Marketing teams looking to create brand awareness.
  • Sales teams considering improved lead generation.
  • Brands and businesses that are looking to generate ROI through video content.

Creating videos, slide shows, and web-based presentations with music are made easy with this best video editing software. Animoto is an easy to use video editing software that would be an excellent choice for photographers, teachers, students, and video marketers. Animoto offers some of the best and easy to use features that enable users to explore their creativity to create some of the best videos for both business and personal purposes.


Font library, colour customization, up to three thousand licensed music tracks, video download, social media sharing, and high-quality video creation (HD 1080p) are some of the best features available with Animoto.


Testimonials, teasers, bloopers, sales promos, blog teasers, product intros, business stories, launch teasers, portfolios, digital album and much more is available in the pre-designed templates.


Animoto is one of the best video editing software that enables users to create videos and blend them with text and music. Curriculums, sales generation of couture designs, movie clips before the release, and many other areas can utilize Animoto.

  • Animoto offers a free forever plan and covers unlimited videos.
  • The professional plan is the most popular and enables you to create unlimited branded videos. This plan costs $33 and billed as $396 annually. No Animoto watermarks, personalized brand colours, high-quality videos, up to forty fonts, more than a million images and videos, and up to three thousand plus licensed music tracks are some of the features covered in this plan along with the features available in the free program.
  • The team plan enables you to create unlimited branded videos with multiple accounts and costs $49 per month billed as $588 per year. The team plan covers all the features in the professional program along with features like up to three users accounts, resell to businesses, and a thirty-minute consultation with an expert.

Wevideo is an easy video editing software that is cloud-based. The cloud-based app enables users to create video clips at high resolution. The jumpstart technology used in this app allows users to convert their landscape images into videos. The app also supports various formats of graphics, audio, video, and pictures. The powerful features of Wevideo enable users to create high-quality movies effortlessly.


Cloud storage, 720p video resolution, audio track library, video merging, social sharing, media library, collaboration, text overlay, split video, a video speed controller, and many more exciting features are a part of WeVideo.


Education, vacation, cooking, E-commerce, social media ads and many more cool templates are available with WeVideo.


If you are a professional or a creative individual in the field of video making, then WeVideo is an excellent fit for you to create some fantastic videos. WeVideo features enable users to make Green screen, picture-in-picture, motion titles, and many such Hollywood-calibre clips.

  • WeVideo offers a free trial.
  • The power plan costs $9.99 per month and is payable @ $4.99 when billed annually. The power plan covers features like premium editing features, motion titles, single-seat license, 720p HD resolution, and up to thirty minutes of publishing per month.
  • The Unlimited plan costs $15.99 per month and $7.99 when billed annually and covers all the features available in the power plan. The unlimited plan also offers VIP video processing and support with 4k ultra HD resolution.
  • The business plan costs $39.99 per month and $19.99 when billed annually. This plan covers all the features available in the unlimited plan along with Premium editing features, personalized templates, management tools, social marketing options, team license, collaboration and sharing tools.


Beginners, professionals, hobbyist, freelancers, gamers, YouTubers, and a few others are always on the lookout for a free video editing software to make some edits on their videos. Adding video effects, to use drag and drop techniques to create a video and much more for a variety of purposes. While some of them need the video editor in open source, the others might be looking for free video editing software. Editing on the video to make it professional looking with any free video editor and sharing it on social media is trending.

Most of the free video editing software offers tons of features that are easy to use and enable users to make some cool effects to their video without burning a hole in their pocket. Youtubers and gamers may enjoy the installable system software that is compatible with windows and mac and a few others. The online video editing apps work best for videos that need editing for social media sharing, Facebook ads, brand awareness, and a few others. These online video editing software cover many special effect features, audio and video sync, file formats, motion tracking, and many others.

Adobe premiere, apple imovie, windows movie maker, and many other system installable applications work well as a video editing software for beginners. The system installable applications and online video editing software apps discussed in this article are worth giving a try based on your requirements both in terms of technology and price plan whether you are a beginner or a pro. Editing in video mode with a free video editing software does not require an official degree/ education.

It is advisable to choose a free video editing software available in the market based on the features you require. Create a video, add some special effects, voiceovers, background audio track, and a few other basic features are helpful to make your video to look professional. Some of the best free video editing software's enable users to copy-paste blog links and convert it into videos. There is a suitable video editing software available in open source, as an online app, cloud-based app, and a few others.

These video editing tools also offer some cool features to create some amazing video effects like Multicam editing, video and text editing, drag and drop audio track library, and much more. While some of them are high-end features suitable for professionals, the other comes in handy for beginners who are still learning and have limited resources to work. Comparing the available editing tools with their reviews, pricing, features, and uses to decide on the best suitable one would be a great idea.

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9 Most Easy to Use Video Editing Software with Instant Videos

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