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9 Latest Dating Trends

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

9 Latest Dating Trends

Our world is ever changing. And just as anything in this world, the model of any relationship has transformed dramatically.  Especially today, once social media became involved. Consequently, these changes triggered certain contemporary dating rules which simply cannot be ignored.  Let’s find out more with Amur Dating Blog!

1. Greater pool of potential partners

Old rules of dating presupposed that you would find your match among those people who surrounded you most of the time. That is why you wouldn’t have so much of a choice. Contrariwise, contemporary people can make a great use of the online dating sites. This automatically increases a pool of potential partners from all over the world.

2. Breakdown of privacy issue

Today, many young couples are concerned with making a parade of their relationships, constantly posting their pictures and love comments in social media. Their private life can no longer be called ‘private’ in its full meaning. In addition, their personal information can be easily accessible which is often related to Internet abuse.

3. Texting vs. talking

The truth is that nowadays it has become much easier to type a quick message rather than talk on the phone or in-person. On the one hand, it gives you a chance to think about your response for a while. On the other hand, it deprives you of an opportunity to hear the voice of the loved one, especially when you desperately need his/her support.

4. It’s like shot in the dark

This might sound rather disappointing, but you never know who you date via the Internet. Your impression is usually formed only by pretty pictures, brief profile information, and flattering messages. In fact, it’s really difficult to indicate whether it’s an authentic person or somebody with cruel intents.

9 Latest Dating Trends

5. No attachment

In our modern world attachment is considered as something we should be scared of. “This can hinder my career, my future plans and goes against my self-sufficiency!” That’s what most people think, keeping their partners at distance. The question is: why become estranged from those who make you happy?

6. Emancipation

Modern western trends have a great influence on women’s social behavior, especially when it concerns dating. In the past, it was a man who made the first step and initiated the relationship. Today, however, women feel perfectly well about asking guys out on a date and splitting the bill. It’s not about their generosity, thought. It’s about their independence and equal rights.

7. The worth of values

How come that the core life values have been revalued? In the past, people aimed at settling down, bringing up children and enjoying their peaceful lives. Today people find a lot of other more attractive things which can replace a happy family. They dive into work, climb up a career ladder, get obsessed with numerous hobbies, or even stuck in virtual reality. In other words, they do everything except taking serious steps in their relationships.

8. Three-day rule

For those who have never come across this rule– it refers to people who met for the first time (let’s say at the bar), got each other’s numbers, but the next three days they try to ignore each other, pretending that they’ve never met. The purpose is to show less affection, which presumably makes you more attractive. The method is rather controversial but it’s still one of the modern trends we have to accept.

9. Physical vs. emotional attraction

Nowadays, young people don’t find anything wrong in starting their relationships with sex. Well, it prevents you from wasting your time and money as well as from dealing with sexual incompatibility in future. Nevertheless, getting connected on the emotional level should be equally important.


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