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9 Foods To Increase Focus & Productivity

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
London Reunion 2017
We have been sharing a regular update on healthy eating and living on the blog lately. The focus is more to find a balance which is sustainable versus "quick fixes to lose weight". One of differences I have noticed when I eat healthy, is that it helps not only my waistline but also helps sharpen keep my brain focused, and fills me up without making me feel lethargic. Few of the foods that I have incorporated in my diet which have helped me keep my day on track:

Energy and Brain Foods

Everyone is differently, but personally I am most productive in the mornings, but come afternoons, I find myself unable to concentrate or simply lose the energy to keep going. Below are some of the foods that have been recommended to me and seems to be working:

[ Related : Three Ways To Reduce Calories ]  Eggplant: As long as you don’t forget to eat the skin, it doesn’t matter how you ingest your eggplant. Eggplant skin contains the nutrient naunin, which keeps your brain sharp by increasing communication between your brain cells and messenger molecules. You won’t be able to help staying focused after eating eggplant.

Raisins: If you need a boost of energy, steer clear of the carbs and grab a pack of raisins. These high-energy fruits are low in fat and calories and rich in antioxidants which help restore your body’s most important cells.

Corn: Eating corn can help combat stress, so eat up. The important nutrient pantothenic acid is prevalent in corn, which helps metabolism and alleviates stress.

[ Related : Life Without Sugar - 3 Month Update ] Figs: Figs have the best kind of dietary fiber that maintains high energy levels while keeping your appetite far away. Whether you find fresh figs or a pack of the dried fruit, enjoy its natural sweetness. Spinach: Make like Popeye and inhale that spinach. Full of practically every nutrient you could think of, spinach is the easiest way to take in all your vitamins at once. In addition to fighting cancer and building strong bones and muscles, spinach reduces stress and help keeps your brain young and focused.

Hummus: This all-natural food is an easy way to get some energy-boosting protein fast. Spread hummus on whole grain bread or rye bread for a tasty and quick snack.

[ Related : 30 Snack Ideas With Calorie Count ] Honey: Drizzle a little honey on your morning toast, and you’ll not only get rid of your sugar cravings, you’ll also decrease your chances of catching a virus or other nasty disease. Walnuts: The omega 3 fatty acids found in walnuts help you think more clearly and keep you focused your day. Also excellent sources of protein, walnuts are a delicious alternative to potato chips. Lemons: A squeeze of lemon in your tea or even sucking a sliced lemon for a few seconds will wake up your mouth and give you that extra pep you need to finish the day.

Is there a snack you love?  Anything you would add to the list? 

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