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9 Effective Skincare Tips to Make Your Skin Glow

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Beauty, as we say, is only a question of skin, but having healthy skin is not only a question of beauty. The face is a mirror that reflects your personality and health. If you want to have a healthy, beautiful and young face, you will have to take care of yourself. Everyday efforts to live a healthy life in harmony with ourselves and those around us will have amazing effects on our skin.

We use several beauty products such as Rojank products or other cosmetics that can help us with caring for our skin.

Your skin is attacked daily by sudden temperature changes which weaken it. The skin that constitutes it is precious and very fragile: it needs to be protected and deserves your full attention.

To help your skin to face external aggressions, to stay beautiful and in good health, follow the skincare tips in this article to have happy, healthy and younger-looking skin. By following the advice which we suggest you will see later that your skin will become supple and radiant.

The skincare tips will help you and leave your skin soft, well-hydrated and healthy.

1. Contact with nature

Whenever you can, you must get out of the city and its life to the mountains and the sea. Clean air and life in nature nourish and balances our skin, which will have a positive impact on our face.

2. Use essential oils

Daily use of essential oils can nourish your skin. Both of these are natural cosmetic ingredients because they contain large amounts of antioxidants.

Here are some vegetable oils.

3. Make an appointment with the dermatologist

The general rule is to follow up with your family doctor once a year. But we do not think to make an appointment with the dermatologist, despite the alarming statistics on skin cancer.

In high school, the more you got tanned, the better. Today we know the dangers of UV rays, and we know how to protect ourselves from skin cancer, including the terrible melanoma.

4. Always put an eye cream

The skin of the eyelids is so thin and delicate that it is where aging can be seen most quickly. The time spent shopping in skincare aisles is not wasted time.

We recommend that you look on the list of ingredients for the presence of peptides and antioxidants if you want the eye cream to be effective.

5. The bar of soap isn't the best option

The biggest debate on showers concerns the use of soap in gel or bar. Bar soap has had a bad press, but liquid soaps, which contain water, require the use of preservatives that contain drying chemicals and surfactants. Bar soap is based on sodium hydroxide: it contains only soap molecules and moisturizing glycerin.

Bar soap has a bad press, but it's a misunderstanding. It is believed to be dirty and full of germs, but no studies worthy of the name have shown that bacteria multiply on soaps.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead cells, gives a radiant complexion, removes excess sebum and unclogs pores, which reduces spots and acne.

Exfoliation is essential, and we advise you to do it two or three times a week, it's ideal! Do not make the mistake of exfoliation, which consists of using scrubs with microbeads that irritate or create scars. Stick to mild lactic acid or glycolic acid scrubs. It renews your skin regularly, prevents the formation of fine lines and clogged pores.

7. Avoid hot showers

It will be a disappointment for those who love hot steam, but very hot water does not help your skin. It removes your natural oils, brings more blood to the surface, which causes inflammatory reactions (rashes), worsens eczema and dry plaques.

In summer, take cold showers regularly. After exposure to the sun, showering with very hot water will further dry the skin, causing more skin damage. And then, profuse sweating promotes acne breakouts. Lower the water temperature to cool off and heal your skin during the summer months.

8. Choose mineral-based products

Unlike thick foundations, mineral makeup ranges contain little or no preservatives or chemicals. With these products without parabens or dyes and fragrances, women who suffer from eczema or rosacea and who do not want to drop makeup will be pampered.

Use a tinted mineral sunscreen on the face instead of a foundation. It must contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. On the rest of the body, put clear mineral and chemical sunscreens, because they absorb well and do not stain clothing.

If you slept longer in the morning and came home late at night, you may shorten the time spent on skincare.

Often compare skin products to medications: if it is recommended to apply the cream twice a day and you only put it once, it's like taking half the dose needed to get the desired results. If you inject an antibiotic and throw out half of it before injecting, you decrease its effectiveness. The same goes for skincare.

9. Exercise caution

Your cell phone is dirtier than a toilet seat. See these other everyday objects covered with germs and how to clean them. Do like dermatologists, keep your phone away from your face. Some of the bacteria on the surface of your device can cause rashes. Also, remember to clean your cell phone from time to time. Sleep on a silk pillowcase instead of your normal cotton pillow cover. It is said that the way you sleep can leave lines and marks on your face. But this statement is false: the position during sleep has little impact on the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is because of the fabric that these annoying lines appear.

With silk, your face slides, instead of crashing, onto the pillow. Not only will you have no marks, but you will have more comfort. So if you want to pay attention to your skin, go to silk!

Supple, soft and glowing skin

Don't forget to drink plenty of water to get rid of waste and keep your skin moisturized. It is better to drink water on an empty stomach, so do not drink during meals.

Skin is the largest organ and most in contact with the atmosphere. The pollution, sun rays, and humidity can damage our skin and cause spots, fine lines, and even rashes. It is important that we take care of our hygiene and pamper our skin from time to time as our appearance matters a lot.

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