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9 Cupcakes Decorating Techniques

By Tracy Ashley @stella_jea
9 Cupcakes Decorating Techniques
The look of your cupcakes can be changed. But for that, you need to decorate it very cleverly. However, decorating these small pieces of dessert items has never been that easy. Here are some cupcakes decorating techniques that may help you make these dessert items look more wonderful. 
A piping of flower
The top of a cupcake is perfect for planting a flower. Think of a circular surface as flower nail on which you may pipe the petals. Try out the petal shapes that you like the most for creating your own fantasy flower.
This creates the most accomplished and celebrated decorations. Serrated edges of grass tip make the ridges in icing as it’s squeezed.
It has a tight, swirling look of rose. However, it is achieved in a continuous rotation rather than with a wrapped layer of petal. A single rosette is even used as a candleholder on top of the cupcake.
This is a very cute cupcake decoration, which sits up and grabs the Valentine’s heart. With Valentine’s Day coming near, you can order for this kind of cupcakes in Brisbane from Deborah Feltham. “These luv-bugs are easy to make with ball head, and rosette body, trimmed with licorice as well as icing decorations”, says Deborah Feltham of Creative Cakes, the bakery shop in Brisbane.
 Drop flowers
This is a great way of adding flowers quickly. All you need to do is pipe down the drop flowers directly in the buttercream flavor on the cake. But flowers may be sharper when piped in the royal.
It is a very popular icing technique. It is the basis for different borders. Cake decorators usually lift the tip a bit while piping for avoiding that bumpy look.
Script writing
If you want, you can personalize the celebration cake by wring down a message on it. This will have a great impact on the person for whom the cupcake is made for. There is a special technique of adding messages on a cupcake, which only the cake decorators know.
Buttercream rope
It is a technique for finishing the piped baskets with a textured edging. The decoration is perfect for nautical or western themed cakes. 
You can place different kinds of leaves on the top of the cupcake to give it a more realistic garden look and feel. You can ask your cake designer to add piping gel to your icing in order to help keep the leaves from breakage. This kind of cupcake designs are great for world environment day and all occasions for going green. 

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