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9 Creative Ways To Teach Alphabets to Kids

By Sangeetha

In this post we will see how we can introduce or teach alphabets to kids in 9 creative ways.

My son has just started his preschool. But he started to notice and identify the alphabet before his preschool and can recite ABCs.

Letters are the first things every parent wants to teach their kids. Teaching the alphabet is the foundation of reading and writing.

9 Creative Ways To Teach Alphabets to Kids
When to start teaching your child letters and alphabets?

It applies to alphabets too.

You can introduce letter through reading alphabet books, storybooks, blocks etc. Some kids may show interest in learning these from a very young age and some will not until they are 3- 4 years old.

Asking you what letter it is pointing out the letters, recognizing it by their own are the sign your little ones might be ready to learn the alphabets.

As parents we should start encouraging and give ample opportunities to our toddlers to learn about letters.

9 Incredible easy ways to teach alphabets to kids:

There are lots of fun and creative ways to introduce alphabets to your child.

#1. Singing nursery rhymes

Little ones learn through playing and fun activities. Choose the ways in which your child loves to learn the alphabets.

Singing the alphabets songs to your little one helps them to learn in a fun way.

#2. Alphabet books

Before they can identify the letters they should be familiar with the phonetics or the alphabet sounds. Singing alphabet nursery rhymes helps in this.

Picture books/ board books about alphabets and pictures of things starting with each letter can be given to your kids from an early age.

#3. Alphabets cookies

Try to point out the letters and read the words loud and clear. Also spell them while you read pointing to each letter.

#4. Pointing out letters

Alphabetical shaped cookies, biscuits, cheerios and other edibles are available in market or you can bake/make one at home itself. This is a fun way to introduce letters and also a way to make little ones have a snack or breakfast.

#5. Coloring the letters

Pointing out and reading aloud the letters on car plates, advertisement boards, on dress; pretty much on everything that has letters on it. This will help them to identify letters easily.

#6. Alphabets in your kid's room

Help them to color the letters in books, which is the yet another good way to introduce them to letters.

#7. Videos teaching alphabet

Hanging out ABCs cut out shapes, decorating your little ones room with stickers and posters with ABC's etc will give more exposure to alphabets and develop an interest in learning the same.

#8. Magnetic letters

There are video/CDs available with alphabet songs and the introduction to phonetics. As kids are getting a great visual treat through video they will pick up alphabet in an easier way like this.

#9. Alphabet blocks and mats

Magnets in the form of letters are available. These can be placed on the whiteboard or refrigerator. It is fun to put all the letters together; magnetic letters are best toy for kids to learn the letters.

Alphabet blocks and mats are available in almost all toy stores. These are a great way to teach kids about letters.

Play games with these blocks or on these mats. Read aloud the letters, ask them to pick up a particular letter or encourage them to identify the letters.

Do not force your kids if they are not interested in learning alphabets.

Each child has his own pace when it comes to learning anything new. Most of the kids will master reading and writing alphabets by the age of 4-5.

Hope this article on the ways to teach alphabets to kids was informative. You can also refer to the DIY number caterpillar to teach numbers to preschoolers and kids.

Is your kid interested to learn alphabets? In which all ways do you teach him/her alphabets? Please do share with me in comments.

Happy teaching.

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