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8 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect (A Complete Guide)

By Sangeetha

What to expect when you are 8 weeks pregnant?

What are the pregnancy symptoms at this stage of pregnancy?

How is your baby when you are 8 weeks pregnant?

Knowing what is happening to you and inside you while you are pregnant is always good. A week by week guide on pregnancy helps you to differentiate between what is normal and what is not during pregnancy.

So let us take a look at what week 8 of your pregnancy has in store for you.

8 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect (A Complete Guide)
Pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks of pregnancy:

You have now almost completed 2 months of pregnancy! Just a month more to complete the first trimester. Don't get too used to what is happening now, for each week and trimester can be different.

Here are the pregnancy symptoms during when you are 8 weeks pregnant.

#1. Sore breasts

Your cup size changes during pregnancy. Along with it comes soreness, tenderness and increased sensitivity. This is all due to the hormones prepping your body to welcome your little one.

#2. Morning sickness

"Eat healthy", "Eat for two", these are some common advices every pregnant woman hears. But that seems like quite a task considering the fact that morning sickness is working against you.

#3. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. You may wonder if someone used a tranquiliser gun on you. You feel tired and sleepy all the time. People think that the actual work happens only after the child is born, but that is not the case. Your body has to provide for the growing baby and that can be tiring too.

#4. Cravings

What is a pregnancy without cravings? Or at least that's what movies make you think. Why does it happen? The actual reason is not very clear, but they say it is your body's way of telling you what you need. But whatever the reason it is ok to give in to those cravings as long as they are healthy for you.

#5. Frequent urge to urinate

Your growing uterus and the increased blood flow to your pelvic region is causing you to take frequent bathroom breaks. I know you hate the situation, but you should not cut down on the water and liquids.

#6. Headaches

If you have really bad headaches, make sure it is not from being dehydrated. If that is not the reason ask your doctor for medicines that you can take during pregnancy.

#7. Feeling hot

At the time of pregnancy the blood vessels dilate which causes blood to come to the surface and that makes you feel hot. Apart from the blood vessels, hormones have a part to play in this as well.

#8.Excessive saliva

Some moms to be complain of excessive saliva production during pregnancy. This is a condition known as Ptyalism. It is nothing to worry about and will disappear after pregnancy.

#9. Indigestion

At the time of pregnancy the hormone progesterone relaxes muscles in the body. This causes muscles of the digestive system to relax leading to the slower movement of food. This in turn causes indigestion, acid reflux and gas.

#10. Heightened sense of smell

You olfactory senses have gotten an upgrade ever since you have conceived.

#11. Vaginal Discharge

You may have noticed that you have got some discharge at this point. Some of you might be worried too. If the discharge is white in color, you can relax.

This discharge, produced courtesy of the hormone oestrogen will help keep your vaginal tract free of infection as it helps to maintain the correct balance of friendly bacteria.

You might feel tempted to use vaginal cleansing formulas or soap to clean it, but refrain from doing so as it can upset the delicate balance of good bacteria.

Vaginal Discharges- What is ok and what is not?

Vaginal discharge that is white in colour and is odourless is called leukorrhea. It is very common and though it can be irritating, but harmless. But that being said, there are times when vaginal discharges are not normal.

If you notice redness, itching, burning sensation while urinating or while intercourse it could be a sign of an infection or in some cases an STD. The colour of the discharge can also be a sign that there is something off. Take a look at some symptoms that should be informed to your gynaecologist immediately.

8 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect (A Complete Guide)

Apart from this have you noticed any spotting? If there is spotting please consult your doctor.

Changes in your body when you are 8 weeks pregnant

For people who don't know your secret, you still look the same. Although they might be wondering why you have been so tough to deal with. But older relatives can definitely tell from the way you are glowing (or breaking out).

But you definitely can feel it. Your tummy feels tauter, courtesy of your expanding uterus. Apart from that, your breasts have grown bigger too. It is time to do some shopping too. To support those aching and sensitive breasts, you need to buy some comfortable bras that offer good support. You also need to buy some comfortable pants that don't constrict your growing belly.

Though you won't gain a lot of weight in the first trimester, the acceptable norm is 1-2 kgs. So if you are one of the moms who have severe nausea, make sure you catch up if you lose weight.

You might have noticed some stretch marks appearing too. This can't be prevented as the skin will stretch. You can make it less severe by ensuring that you put on weight gradually.

You can also start applying creams to control and minimize stretch marks.

You also feel extremely tired owing to the rise in progesterone.

What is happening inside you?

You aren't showing, but your uterus has now grown bigger in size, almost double its original size. Inside you, your little one has grown a lot since last week.

Your little ones fingers and toes are developing. They look like webbed fingers and toes. His eyelids have grown bigger and are also almost covering his little eyes. The tail is almost gone.

His respiratory system and nervous system are developing at a fast pace though this is just an initial draft.

The tiny heart is also beating fast. Heartbeat at 8 weeks is 150 beats per minute.

The baby's facial features are also becoming more pronounced. With the development of joints, the skeletal system is also progressing. The baby's gender is already determined but you can't find out as the external genitalia aren't formed. You shouldn't try to figure out either. The thrill is in the wait.

Foetus size

So how big is your little one this week. You know those rajma beans sitting on your kitchen shelf? That's how big your baby at 8 weeks is!

8 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect (A Complete Guide)

Doctors say that you need not take any additional calories in the first trimester. However you should ensure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure you include these nutrients in your diet.

Diet when you are 8 week pregnant
  • Folate - Found in dark green leafy vegetables, beans.
  • Protein - It is found in lean meat, eggs, soy products, legumes and pulses.
  • Calcium - Dairy products are a good source of calcium.
  • Iron - Consume meat, spinach, pomegranate, nuts, pulses for iron.
  • Zinc - It is found in meat, seafood, nuts, whole grains and legumes.
  • Vitamin C - Citrus fruits, grapes are good sources of Vitamin C.
  • Sodium is required too but do not consume in excess.

You can also read about the 10 amazing benefits of moringa leaves during pregnancy

The calorie required during the pregnancy differs from person depending on their age, BMI at the time of conception, metabolism rate and number of babies in the womb.

There are certain food items that you should stay clear from. Do you know what they are? Relax, it is not too big a list. Find out all about it by reading the 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Supplements are necessary as they help fill in the gaps in nutrition. They help you and your baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy and help in the development of your little one. So do not forget to take your supplements on time. If you haven't already started on them let your doctor know.

  • Get some comfortable bras. Look for the ones offering support and comfort.
  • Eat a lot of fruits, they help you get the nutrients you need and most women say that fruits are nausea-proof.
  • Spend more time with your partner.
  • If you are a pet person, make sure your pets are vaccinated. Stay clear of that kitty litter tray though for they can cause Toxoplasmosis.
  • Read up! A lot of worries and anxiety regarding pregnancy can be dispelled by equipping yourself with correct knowledge about it. After all knowledge is power.
Tips for week 8 of your pregnancy

If you have started exercising, then give yourselves a pat on the back! You need to exercise to stay healthy and have an easy delivery. Regular and moderate exercise during pregnancy helps keep you flexible, tone your muscles, improves health and boosts positivity.

Exercises at this stage

If you are fitness aficionado, ask your trainer/ doctor to know how your exercise regime needs to be modified to suit your current needs. If you haven't started yet, walking and yoga are good for you. Check with your doctor about how much exercise you need.

Swimming is also a good form of exercise for expecting moms.

  • Wear comfortable clothing while exercising.
  • Wear proper footwear.

Many moms wonder, but are shy to ask about whether sex is safe for them during first trimester. Answer is- If you don't have any complications then it is safe for you to have sex.

Sex during first trimester

But many moms aren't plagued with pregnancy woes that intercourse is the last thing on their minds. Another concern is whether they will harm their baby. What you need to do is to speak to your partner so that you can figure out which positions are comfortable for you.

People have mixed opinions about travelling during pregnancy. If you are planning to travel or is a working mom, check with your doctor if it is safe to travel.

Travel during first trimester

If you have don't have any complications or any particular condition that requires you to take it easy, your gynecologist will mostly give you a thumbs up.But remember not to exert yourself while travelling.

Some tips for travelling moms to be are as follows.

  • Carry your medical records and prenatal supplements with you.
  • A bag (in case you have an urge to throw up) can be very handy.
  • Carrying a lemon, ginger or water boiled with ginger can help with nausea. ( If it doesn't, you have the bag as a backup)
  • Avoid heavy meals before travel.
  • Avoid outside food.
  • Use the seat belt if travelling by car, it might feel uncomfortable but safety comes first.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • If you are travelling for longer duration take frequent breaks.
  • Dress comfortable.

During pregnancy you need to follow some simple dos and don'ts so that you have a safe pregnancy.

Dos n don'ts
  • Do write down questions for the doctor. It is easy to forget things during pregnancy.
  • Do eat healthy. Remember your baby depends on you for his/her needs.
  • Do take your supplements on time and in the prescribed dosage.
  • Do find out if you have any family history of illnesses and let your doctor know about it.
  • Do sleep whenever you feel like it.
  • Do not binge on junk food. You do not need to load up on empty calories.
  • Do not stress. Stay positive and happy.
  • Do not take any over the counter medications without checking with your doctor first.

Everyone's favorite part of pregnancy- the scan!

Scans if required at 8 weeks pregnancy

Your doctor will schedule your first scan anytime between the 6 th to the 10 th week. This is done to find out about your baby's development.

So, what to expect at your first ultrasound?

Your baby looks so tiny at this point but your doctor will check for the baby's heart rate, umbilical cord and placenta. You will also come to know whether you should be eating for two, three or four. Yes, the number of babies in the womb. The doctor will also check the positioning of the baby inside the uterus. The doctor will also determine the estimated due date during the first scan.

Breaking the news

Generally, the good news is shared with your friends and family after you complete the first trimester. But some moms believe in ringing up everyone they know the second she confirms her pregnancy. Whatever category you fall, letting everyone know is a great feeling. You are no longer burdened with the secret. You can also ask other moms for guidance and support.

So these is how you and your growing baby is when you are 8 weeks pregnant.

How did you handle your pregnancy symptoms at this stage?

How did you break the news to your loved ones?

What was your weight gain when 8 weeks pregnant?

Also if you have any doubts and queries regarding your pregnancy, write to us. Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question. Till then you know what you need to do - Stay safe and enjoy your pregnancy!

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