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8 Ways To Bond With Your Child When Working At Home

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

June 22, 2017 Leave a Comment

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Working at home has its perks. The best thing about it is that you are able to be around your child/children any time of the day. Aside from that, you can save the money spent on everyday transportation and other expenditures while working outside your home. However, it also has its share of downsides, like spending less quality time with our kids and struggling to find Ways To Bond With Your Child.

Although I don’t speak for all stay-home working parents, there are moments when work takes so much of our time, right? Sometimes, it becomes too demanding that we tell our children we’re too busy to play with them.

I understand this issue quite well as I experience the same thing ever since I became a mother. However, we still need to make sure that we have time for our kids. I’m not saying that we should stop working to be with them every day. We really have to work, considering that the average cost to raise a child is around $12,800 to $14,790 each year. But it doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our time for our children

With that said, here are eight ways to bond with our kids while working at home. All of these are based on my personal inputs, so you have the choice whether to follow them or not.

8 Ways To Bond With Your Child When Working At Home

Working from home can take up your whole day & quality time with kids can suffer. Check out these 8 Ways To Bond With Your Child When Working At Home.

1. Take them to school and fetch them after class.

This is very basic, and it only takes minutes to send them to school and fetch them. While you’re driving, you can have a sincere conversation with your kids. Ask them about school, their assignments, tests, or if they have made new friends. Once you get home and your kids have settled down, you can go back to your work.

2. Make their meals and eat with them.

It’s not like you don’t have breaks in the middle of your work. When you wake up, make their breakfast and lunch. And when you have worked for two hours after fetching them from school, you can prepare dinner and eat together with your kids. This is very important. As cliché as it sounds, the family that eats together stays together.

Ways to bond with your Child

3. Do selfies with them or record videos.

While you’re working on your computer, call your kids and take selfies with them – just for the fun of it. My daughter? She loves recording videos, so when she’s at it, I just smile and be crazy with her.

4. Sing and dance with them.

When the music is up, sing and dance along with them, at least, for a few minutes. They’ll have loads of fun while you can also catch in some exercise!

5. Put them to bed and just get up when they are already asleep.

This is what I always do. My daughter sleeps around 10 PM, but she doesn’t want to go to bed if I don’t sleep beside her. Before she hits the bed, we usually play or study. When she’s already sleeping, I get up and continue with my work, if I’m not that tired.

6. Let them stay beside you while working.

This is especially helpful when they have homework. You don’t only get to work, but you also have the opportunity to assist them in their school activities. In other cases, you can give them coloring or drawing books to enjoy with while you’re working beside them.

Ways to bond with your Child

7. Play with them when you’re on break.

If you have days off, make sure that spend those days with your kids. Go to the mall. Do some shopping. Play arcades with them. Go to the beach. Play board games with them. Clean the house. Watch movies. Do anything that your kids will love.

8. Give them hugs and kisses whenever they come near you.

Last but not definitely not least is to kiss and hug them, especially when they are near you, asking for your time and attention. If you really can’t leave your work, then give your reasons and seal the conversation with tight hugs and lots of kisses.

With these Ways to bond with your Child, you can ensure that you enjoy you enjoy your kids’ childhood and that they grow as healthy, happy and loving individuals!

Working from home can take up your whole day & quality time with kids can suffer. Check out these 8 Ways To Bond With Your Child When Working At Home.


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