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8 Twitter Chats You Should Check out Today!

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia

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Looking for ways to increase your followership and establish your expertise on Twitter? If so, have you ever thought of participating in Twitter chats?

Twitter chats are meetups that take place at a specific time on the social network. Each is hosted under a unique hashtag, which allows attendees to follow the conversation and interact with one another.

Over the years, I have attended and/or observed quite a few chats. Here is the list of eight that you should definitely check out.

  • #AtomicChat (Mondays @ 9 p.m. ET) – Exploring the depths of content marketing and the importance of this role in our digital world. Host: @Atomic_Reach
  • #BlogChat (Sundays @ 9 p.m. ET) -  Discussing personal and professional blogging. Host: Mack Collier (@MackCollier)
  • #brandchat  (Wednesdays @ 11 a.m. ET) – Topics include big / small businesses and non-profits, with occasional “open chats” about brands. Hosts: Maria Duron (@mariaduron) and David Sandusky (@davidsandusky).
  • #journchat – (Mondays @ 8 p.m. ET) – Discussions between members of the media (journalists, bloggers and PRs). Host: Moderated by Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans).
  • #LinkedInChat (Tuesdays @ 8 p.m. ET) – Answering questions on Linkedin and giving advice to leverage the network successfully. Hosts: Viveka vonRosen (@LinkedInExpert) and Steve Cassidy (@SteveCassady)
  • #PinChat (Wednesdays @ 9 p.m. ET) - Discussing best practices, showcasing new uses, highlighting brand usage, and sharing a passion for Pinterest. Host: Kelly Lieberman (@Tribe2point0)
  • #SMChat (Wednesdays @ 1 p.m. ET) – Mobility, customer service, marketing, social change, and more. Several hosts.
  • #SMManners (Tuesdays @ 10 p.m. ET) – Discussing social media etiquette. Host: Dabney Porte (@DabneyPorte)

Tools to interact in Twitter chats

Twitter chats can be overwhelming, especially when hundreds of participants are there and tweeting at the same time. Here are three tools that will save you a few headaches:


After the chat, you can use Storify to feature highlights from the conversation. Here is an example of what I did when I was a guest on #AtomicChat:

[View the story "#AtomicChat with Guest Cendrine Marrouat" on Storify]

#AtomicChat with Guest Cendrine Marrouat

On October 1, 2012, I was the guest of #AtomicChat, a weekly Twitter chat organized by @Atomic_Reach. The topic was: How to Build Trust and Offer Value on Social Media Networks.

Storified by Cendrine Marrouat · Mon, Oct 01 2012 20:47:36

Tonight’s topic is on #curation and How to Build Trust and Offer Value on Your Social Media Networks #atomicchatAtomic Reach Thank you for having me tonight as a guest, @Atomic_Reach! #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Tonight’s guest host is @cendrinemedia, a social media journalist, blogger, content curator and author! #atomicchatAtomic Reach . @cendrinemedia has extensive experience in the writing field. Completely bilingual, French and English – woohoo! #atomicchatAtomic Reach . @cendrinemedia ‘s articles have appeared in a number of websites and blogs, including @examinercom and #atomicchatAtomic Reach . @cendrinemedia is the founder of, a social media blog focusing on entrepreneurs and small businesses. #atomicchatAtomic Reach And in the works, @cendrinemedia is working on another eBook! Please tell us a bit about that, and welcome to our chat!! #atomicchatAtomic Reach @Atomic_Reach Thanks! I’m working on a new eBook on best practices for #socialmedia strategies. I started with this idea #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat @Atomic_Reach When I realized that my clients and students always asked the same ?: "What do I do wrong with my sm plan?” #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Then I asked my readers to share their best tips, and here I am now. :-) #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Link to tips: #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat The best tips will be featured in my new eBook, with full attribution. :-) #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q1: @cendrinemedia What is social media curation? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A1: Reading + sorting digital content to deliver the most relevant to your audience through social media sites. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A1: A good curator knows the main differences between the platforms they use. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A1: They also customize the selected content to make it relevant to their audience on each. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q2: @cendrinemedia How does curation add value to your social media strategy? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A2: Curation has allowed me to achieve three things: 1)Deepen my expertise and be recognized for it #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A2: 2) Know my audience much better & 3) Strategize my social media presence much more efficiently #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q3: @cendrinemedia How do you find what to share on your different social media accounts? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A3: Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn feeds. Subscription to tons of blogs. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A3: I’m also a sm journalist, so I receive news releases and announcements from major social networking sites. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q4: @cendrinemedia And when it comes to managing brand accounts, how much personality should you inject? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A4: Audiences are not looking for perfect brands. They want to feel the human touch and the care. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A4: How much personality you inject is up to you. Just be consistent with your voice + be you! #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q5: @cendrinemedia How can you use curation on your blog? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A5: 3 examples: 1)Share the latest news in your industry – #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: 2) List your favorite resources with a tool like ( #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: 3) Share your favorite articles from around the blogosphere #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: 3) I do that every week on my blog. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q5: @cendrinemedia What is content scraping and how can you protect yourself against it? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A5: Using content from a legitimate source and posting it somewhere else without asking for permission from author. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: To protect yourself: 1) Use the WP Site Protector plugin (WordPress) to disable right clicks and text selection. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: 2) Use the RSS Footer plugin (WP) to add a line of content to feeds. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: 3) Add a Creative Commons license 4) Copyscape to find copies of your content online. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A5: For more resources: #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Content scraping is copyright infringement. RT @Shelby_Thev: @dkragen Is content scrapping aggregation? #atomicchat #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Q6: @cendrinemedia What tools do you use to help your curation strategy? #atomicchatAtomic Reach A6: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,, Internet Billboards,, Next Mags, Pinterest, and Atomic Reach. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat A6: @cendrinemedia uses over 15 tools to help her curate content, can you guys beat that?? #atomicchatAtomic Reach @Atomic_Reach I do use 15, but I don’t always share on the 15. I select the ones that are relevant. ;-) #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat And if u’d like to join @cendrinemedia in her social media Tribe, request an invite here! #AtomicChatAtomic Reach The hour is up – what a great topic, curation was hot tonight! Thanks for all your feedback and insight guys! #atomicchatAtomic Reach A huge thank you to @cendrinemedia for being our guest tonight! She was awesome right?! #atomicchatAtomic Reach And feel free to check out my other eBook if you’re looking for blogging tips. :-) #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Submit your SM tips here guys! –> RT @cendrinemedia: Link: But tonight is last limit. :-) #atomicchatAtomic Reach Great turnout, thanks for sticking around, you guys are mega awesome! #atomicchatAtomic Reach @cendrinemedia when are you publishing your ebook? #atomicchatAtomic Reach @Atomic_Reach I just started working on it. I was waiting for people to submit their tips. #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat Have a great night everyone! Thank you again for having me! #atomicchatCendrine Marrouat To read the entire Twitter chat, check out the link below:   cjeffers.atomicchat.2012-10-01 | (Beta)© 2012 (Beta). All Rights Reserved. Big thanks to @Atomic_Reach for having me as a guest!

Check out their website, it’s a great content curation service!

Atomic ReachWe give brands the power to captivate customers by selecting, publishing and marketing the best social content the web has to offer. Atomic Reach (Atomic_Reach) on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news. A content curation platform used by brands to drive traffic, engagement and sales conversionsDo you need better content for your website to attract more traffic on a daily basis? Atomic Reach is a social content platform that connects companies and brands looking for high-quality content with the people who create great content every day. Atomic Reach | Facebookundefined

What are your favorite Twitter chats? Share them in the comment section below.


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