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8 Steps to Mix HCG Injections

By Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop

If you are losing weight on hCG injections, Then this article is for you.

HCG injections require careful mixing for you to harness the full potency of the formula. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you go along with the pharmaceutical ratios. This will reduce the risk of weak formulas or one that is excessively saturated. Here are important tips that should guide you when you are mixing HCG injections by yourself.

  1. Clean your 3 vials thoroughly- the three vials; hCG, Bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride, and sterile vial should be cleaned using alcohol. Remove any covering tops of the vials and wipe them off with an alcohol solution or alcohol prep pads. When rubbing off, ensure that the wet pad or cloth containing alcohol is moved in one direction only. Avoid rubbing back and forth since this will only spread the contaminants on the vials.
  2. Break off glass vials using an approved tool, or by using a rag. Ensure that none of the glass gets into the HCG vials. It is recommended that you go for plastic vials.
  3. Add all but 2 cc's of your bacteriostatic water or Sodium Chloride to your sterile vial, so that you don't contaminate the rest of your water bottle with hCG.
  4. After adding 2 cc's of water to your vial, take another 2 cc's of water from that vial and add it to your hCG vial. Then carefully roll the vial back and forth using your fingers until all the powder is dissolved, then withdraw it and add to your sterile vial. If your hCG is liquid, use one less cc of fluid for this step.
  5. Adding up a total of 4 cc's of fluid from the previous steps, to 2000 iu's of hCG makes it 500 iu's per cc of the solution. This allows for easier calculations of 4 cc's is 200 iu's; .35 cc's is 175 iu's, .3 cc's is 150 iu's, and .25 cc's is 125 iu's. A dose of 150 iu's is good for starting with. This leaves you with a reasonable amount in case you need to make small dose changes and also plenty of fluid to dilute your hCG. Alternatively, you can double this amount to 8 cc instead of 4cc, as many people would prefer to do which now makes the dosage; 200 iu's is .8 cc's, 175 iu's is .7 cc's, 150 iu's is .6 cc's, and 125 is .5 cc's. The only disadvantage now is that it becomes harder to see the marks on the syringe, therefore using a lot more of the fluid is much easier.
  6. Use a mixing needle that is at least 3 cc's, and 1.5" long so you can reach the bottom of the HCG vial. The most common gauge is 25, though it does not really account for much in this case.
  7. Ensure that there are no air bubbles in the syringe when drawing out a shot. Pull the plunger out and push into the mixing vial when you are drawing out the shot.
  8. Make sure your vial and shots are either wrapped in foil or in a container that does not let in light, and store them in the refrigerator.

With above steps, you will be well prepared when mixing HCG injections for Weight Loss.

Note: These are purely author's views for information purpose only.

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