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7 Kitchen Appliance Must-Haves for the Frequent Host

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Kitchen Appliance Must-Haves Frequent Host

If you love hosting festive meals, intimate gatherings, or big parties, you'll need the right kitchen appliances to make your celebrations sing. Though there are equipment staples that every complete kitchen should have, there are lesser-known appliances that can make a huge impact on your hosting success. Let's examine the best kitchen appliances for your hosting prowess.

We begin our tour of appliance must-haves with the most underappreciated of all kitchen appliances: the dishwasher. Until you've tried to host without one, you may not fully appreciate what a gift it is to own a great dishwasher. We love KitchenAid's 24" Print Shield Stainless Dishwasher with Fan-Enabled ProDry System and Cutlery Tray. It surpasses the average dishwasher with its unique adjustable spray nozzles and racks to help clean those oddly shaped pots, pans, and plates. It features two fold-down tines, a fold-down shelf, a third level rack, and additional adjusters in the upper rack to accommodate even the bulkiest of dishware. Once you use this dishwasher after a celebratory feast, you'll wonder how you ever hosted without it.

Who doesn't enjoy a cold beverage chilled with freshly made, high-quality ice cubes? With a stand-alone automatic ice maker, you can top your favorite drinks with uniform cubes of crystal-clear ice. Your friends and family will feel like they're at a resort when they sip a glass crowned with perfect cubes. The KitchenAid 15" Stainless Steel Automatic Ice Maker - With Pump looks beautiful next to other appliances. It also boasts Clear Ice Technology, a factory-installed drain pump, and a reversible door. This kitchen helper even features a self-cleaning cycle, which means less cleaning for you.

Wine fridges are a well-kept secret among accomplished hosts. Most of your guests will ask for a glass of wine or two. You probably purchase superior-quality vintage wine, but what good will it do if it hasn't been stored properly? To honor your wine-and your guests-make sure you protect your bottles of wine in a wine fridge. Not only will a wine fridge keep your wine cool, but it will also age your wine by creating a stable temperature explicitly suited for wine. That means better-tasting wine to impress even the pickiest of connoisseurs.

If you love hosting dinner parties, you need a french door refrigerator. Ideal for storing large platters, sizeable pitchers, and an abundance of food, a french door refrigerator will make serving food and drinks easier than ever. KitchenAid's 36" 23.8 cu.ft. Energy Star Stainless Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator goes above and beyond what normal refrigerators do. It is ideal for anyone who wants to save space but expand on storage options. It is the perfect height, sitting flush with existing cabinetry to give your kitchen a clean, streamlined look. Although it saves floor space, this beautiful refrigerator is the largest capacity in its class, with adjustable spill-proof shelves, humidity-controlled crispers, adjustable gallon storage bins, and temperature control options.

    Cooking Island
Kitchen Appliance Must-Haves Frequent Host

There is no better way to assemble hors d'oeuvres, organize drinks, and prepare cuisine than with the help of a cooking island. Islands are an eye-catching addition to spacious kitchens, especially considering the variety in countertops available, from gorgeous granite to rustic wood. Any cook who has had the pleasure of using a kitchen island will agree: They are immensely helpful in maintaining order and cooking with ease.
6. Convection Wall Oven
Convection cooking is a dinner host's dream. A convection wall oven distributes hot air throughout the oven cavity, thereby providing even heat throughout baked goods. Better still, a combined convection oven does it all. A microwave oven sits atop a convection oven, allowing for a multi-faceted, fast approach to brilliant cooking and baking. You can easily cook multiple dishes at once, including baked goods and hard-to-cook meats. This kitchen appliance saves space, time, and stress.

7. Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
A double bowl sink is a perfect appliance to maintain order in the kitchen after guests enjoy eating. Two bowls side by side allow for easy rinsing or separation of dishwasher-safe versus hand-wash-only. Stainless steel makes the sink sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. We prefer Polaris Sinks P2201US UndermountDouble Bowl Stainless Steel Sink because it features brushed satin, an offset drain, and a thick sound dampener rubber pad. It stays beautiful and prevents excess noise.

Kitchen Appliance Must-Haves Frequent Host

Some people are born to throw parties. Great hosts know how to make a get-together warm, inviting, and fun. With these kitchen appliances, you can impress friends and family, feel stress-free, and enjoy every minute of your gatherings.

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