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...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of Experience

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
Some of life’s best lessons are learned at the worst times.  On the job, I have learned plenty, plenty of lessons not learned through training manuals or videos... of by sitting in a classroom or even through training exercises.
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperienceWe do receive thank you letters.  It just really sucks that they come in the form of obituaries for the most part.
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperienceNo matter how bad your cold is and how 'stuffed up' you are, never put vicks vapor rub under your nose while on shift.  Vicks vapor rub opens up your nasal passages something wicked. One will have to be extra careful what they drink or eat after a bad call/smelly call because your memory will tie those smells together. To this day, I still can't eat salmon sandwiches.
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperienceCutting fiercely through a down filled jacket in a hurry in the back of a rescue unit makes one heck of a mess.  But, it makes for good conversation when you roll up to the ambulance bay doors at hospital looking like you just survived a massive pillow fight at a teenage slumber party.
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperienceI can be tactful and should be, but I can also be the exact opposite when I don't necessarily need to be.
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperiencePeople's perception of what an emergency is will never cease to amaze.  Hunger pains? Do you really need that ambulance/rescue unit?  Stubbed your toe two days ago and you still feel the pain... yup, better send the police and fire trucks.  Having a huge fight with your boyfriend and he's ignoring your silly ass? Yes, you better call 911 and tell dispatch he's not being responsive.  Oh yeah:.
"... Just so there's no misunderstanding, you beat the snot out of your wife and while chasing her to the bedroom, YOU tripped, fell, and knocked two teeth out and possibly sprained your ankle. And YOU ARE calling 911 yourself?..."  *see 4th words of wisdom from top of list*
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperienceWe get to see and experience some pretty nasty stuff while on shift, and it will affect our relationships. The sooner our spouses, partner, friends and family learn that sometimes we just need to be left alone or require that long lingering hug, the better off everyone will be.  It's ok to cancel dinner plans or go straight to bed after dealing with a suicide or not feel like watching a movie... attending a party... 'getting it on' after trying to contain a fire for three hours.
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of ExperienceMOST importantly, one should learn and remember to turn off their cell phone while on a call or when attending a formal meeting.  That catchy LMFAO "I'm Sexy and I know It" ring tone will go off at the most inappropriate time. Trust me..........
...7 Words of Wisdom from Years of Experience

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