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7 Ways To Build Self-Confidence

By Theskinnyjeans @theskinnyjeansblog
7 Ways To Build Self-Confidence
As a woman there is so much pressure from the media around us to be a certain way and hold a certain image. Everyday we see a new photoshopped model or celebrity on a magazine and wish to look like her. Well, unfortunately we can't all look photoshopped in real life, we can however, build our self-confidence and learn to love our own bodies. Keep reading to find out how.
1. Focus On The Good
Look at yourself in the mirror and point out your favorite features. If you aren't comfortable doing this, try writing a list on paper about the things you like about yourself the most. These don't just have to be physical attributes. Point out your amazing sense of humor or willing nature to help others.
2. Be Positive
Don't constantly think about what others think about you. Focus less on the negative and surround yourself with only positive friendly people. People are going to judge you and try to make you change no matter what, so might as well focus on making yourself happy and not others.
3. Learn To Take Compliments
Fishing for compliments is just as bad as not being able to take them. The next time someone says they like your hair or that new top, say thank-you instead of putting yourself down.
4. Pride Yourself
Believe in yourself and your abilities. Hold your head up high, make eye-contact and speak clearly.
5. Be Health Conscious
Although looks are not everything, health is very important. Don't just work-out to look good or get in shape. Exercise because you want to be healthy and longer. Follow a better diet and you'll see the changes in yourself. You'll be able to sleep better and feel more rejuvenated every day.
6. Defend Yourself
When someone makes an unsightly comment about you, be clear and let them know it's not okay. It might seem difficult at first but once you get used to sticking up for yourself you'll realize how much it helps build your self-esteem.

7. Celebrate Your Uniqueness!
If you have something to offer than others don't, embrace it. Don't shy away and hide your unique abilities and talents. Feel proud to be an original.
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