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7 Things Women Want From Men

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Sometimes relationships get confused and painful because we simply don’t understand what is expected of us. From many years’ experience of talking to people about their relationships, these are some general observations I have made about what women want from men.

7 Things Women Want From Men


1. Attention

It sounds obvious but it’s true: generally, women want a man’s undivided attention at least for a part of each day. A woman doesn’t mind sharing her man with work, sports or politics, as long as she feels that, for at least a few minutes each day, he is properly engaging with just her.

2. To be listened to

Men may think they are listening when they can repeat back every word a woman has just said to them. But did any of it sink in? Women often feel like they are not being listened to because men tend to jump to a solution rather than letting women express their feelings.

3. To be shown that he cares

These don’t have to be big things: a cup of tea in the morning; a bunch of flowers for no occasion; or a dinner cooked at the end of a tiring day. Men often think that by going to work and paying the bills they are doing enough but women often complain about a lack of those little nurturing gestures.

4. Time

Women value spending time with their man even if it is not time spent doing anything in particular. A movie or a walk in the park is lovely and if it is suggested by him it is even better because she will feel like he wants to take time out and spend it with her.

5. To be valued

Men sometimes forget to show their appreciation for the many things their partners do for them each and every day. A woman likes to know that her man acknowledges how hard she works and appreciates all she does for him.

6. To be desired

Women want to feel like their man sometimes has difficulty keeping his hands off her and not just at bedtime. She wants to feel she is sexy and attractive to him. Most women suffer at least a little from negative body image and his compliments and affection are important. Also, it goes without saying that eyeing up other women is a huge dating mistake men make, and it doesn’t go down well in long-term relationships either.

7. For a man to be thoughtful

Women want their partners to remember important dates and events. Not just anniversaries and birthdays (though men who forget are rightly in trouble!) but also things that are happening in their lives, friendship and family sagas and, if there are children, events relating to them. It’s all about shared responsibility and a sense of tackling things together.

I post dating & relationship advice regularly for the dating site, I’ve gained experience in this sector and wish to help any couple who are willing to help each other! I understand what women want from men and like to think I’ve figured what men want from us women.

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