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7 Things That You Need for Your Newborn

By Sakil King

As a new parent, you are always uncertain of what your child needs and this leads to over-purchasing of items. You want to be prepared for anything so that your child does not miss any particular product they require. It is good to be extra prepared, but at times over-shopping leads to clutter and money wastage. There are items that your baby will need, and they should be your priority.

7 Things That You Need for Your Newborn

Save A Bit of Your Sanity with These Simple But Essential Baby Needs

Are you a new parent? Are you confused about what your child needs? Take a breath and check out these simple yet vital essentials.

Most newborns and parents love slings, which offers parents maximum hands-free snuggling. One problem is, however, slings do not provide you with lower-back support, and they become obsolete after several months.

A better and durable option is a soft baby carrier that not only adapts for newborns but also holds older babies. There are some that are convenient and work as both a front and a back carrier, featuring a hip pad for extra support and comfort. Carriers like the Ergo carrier offer you the best service, and you can always get them second hand.

#02.Onesies/Dozen Sleepers

Most parents purchase infant clothes way before they give birth. It is quite tempting to get your child those precious and beautiful princess/prince attires. However, it is always safe and wise to get them second-hand onesies. You can get them full footed sleepers for the winter babies and onesies for hot summer newborns. Second-hand clothes or take-me-downs might seem like a terrible option but they will get ruined, so it is a wise-saving.

Burp cloths are essential especially when you are trying to avoid stains. They, however, do not have to be official store-bought burp-cloths. You can cut-up receiving blankets or pre-fold diapers, and they would be perfect burp cloths.

The best and recommended option is a rear-facing infant seat (for babies up to about 30 pounds) that snaps into a base that you install in your car's backseat as well as into many stroller models. It does not have to be fancy or the trendiest. According to as long as it has a safety harness, comfortable pads or a great recline-position, then you are good to go.

#05.A Sturdy and Cosy High-Backed Chair

As a new parent sometimes you can breastfeed your child and have terrible backaches. A firm and excellent high backed chair with armrests will give you the rest you need. You can also make sure that you have a table next to it for your big glasses of water, book, and snacks.

Cloth diapers are essential. If you are not one of those die-hard parents who does not believe in diapers and are into elimination communication, you will do just fine with basic stashes of cloth diapers, wipes, and diaper liners. Cloth diapers offer you fewer costs, less waste, and no midnight runs to the drug store to get those disposable diapers.

Some of the other essentials depend on the child. In any case, newborns are different, and they will need a variety of items. Some of the other essentials are breast pumps; these are mainly handy if you are a working mum, a travel system option might be the way to go - they are incredible especially when you want to have a stroll around the neighborhood with your baby.

Other vitals include Swaddlers, pacifiers, and bottles, changing pads, a cool crib, cute baby bath towels and washcloths. You can do without these, but they can serve you well depending on the baby's preferences.

The older generation grew up without all the toys, soothing baby devices and amusement centers we have today. They all eventually walked and talked and turned out to be incredible and respectable adults. So, sometimes less is more and more is less. Just buy the necessary items. Sam from suggests starting off with the basics, Amazon is just a click away if you've made a mistake and need to order something extra that you hadn't thgouht of!

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