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7 Things

By Owlandtwine
A few weeks ago, my friend Jenn tagged me on Instagram to share seven things you might not know about me.  This snowy, lethargic Sunday morning feels like just the right time to play.
1.  I drop the f*bomb a lot.  When I write I rarely type out a curse word, it is not my style.  But in verbal conversations, most likely if I'm pissed off, I can't help myself and the bombs just start dropping.  If you don't believe me, ask my husband.
2.  3 is my lucky number.    
3.  I like organization and a clean house.  I live with three people who make stacks and piles and throw stuff about, and then live in it gloriously.  Cue #1.
4.  The three things these days that make me happiest:  cooking, day dreaming about warmth again and being on my knees in the garden while I weed out my mind, documenting my life and life for others behind the lens.
5.  I still think about having another baby.  Although, with each passing month and Theo and Sully becoming so much more independent--read: easy--that thought seems to be more like a balloon I let go of and watch slowly make its way up toward the clouds.  And I pray for peace in that choice.
6.   Ain't Got No (I Got Life) by Nina Simone is my most favorite song.
7.  I wouldn't trade how I spend the majority of my days--which is running a household, primary caretaker of my family, stay-at-home-mom--because as domestic and old-fashioned as some believe it is, I am so grateful for this time in my life right now.  But now and then I feel so dank in this role that I can barely lift my chin up and greet another meal, snack, trip to the toilet with a 3 year old, the oldest little's hot mess freakouts, picking Legos up for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, time in a day, doing the dishes again, and so on.  And still, I wake up each morning and say bless this day.  And I go to bed each night and say thank you.

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