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7 Songs for Your World Cup Playlist

By Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie


The World Cup serves as a catalyst for screaming and unconscious fist pumping. If you haven’t yet acknowledged the hoards of angry soccer fans parading the streets with sport-induced fervor, the time has come to conform and assimilate with the craze. “Soccer watching” is a legitimate excuse to throw back to back all night fiestas. Any good world-cup watching party requires an awesome playlist. Each song highlights a different world-cup related sentiment, and the playlist mimics the tournament’s awesomely diverse hodge-podge of cultural identities. The world cup is about the world, so here are seven songs in honor of the world’s seven continents:

Cloud Nothings – Leave You Forever

This record should be placed at the peak of your world cup playlist — the song is like a sport. Fast-paced instrumentals and hard-hitting vocals feel like the players as they run. The song’s energy arouses jumping around, pushing even “the anti-athletic” to care about victory.

Matt and Kim – Don’t Slow Down

The lyrics of this indie-pop record are glaringly appropriate for a soccer game. It’s a great song to chant to, stimulating that competitive, sports-related enthusiasm. Also, the song’s inspiring positivity makes it great if your team is about to claim a victory.

Stromae – Rendezvous Vous (Audio) Racine Carrée

This jumpy slice of non-electronic French-Pop is ideal for any soccer watching enterprise. The energetic beat will help maintain a competitive spirit, but the relaxed backbone will restrict table flipping or TV flipping (off). Also, if you’re on a quest to feel worldly and cultured while watching international soccer, romance languages are always ideal. (Ed. Note: Vive La France!!!!)

Tilly and the Wall – Pot Kettle Black

This track from female power band Tilly and the Wall is another stimulating track for your world cup playlist. Best played after an unjust foul, or on the wake of a fist-clenching tie breaker, the strong vocals and tough instrumentals will drive you off the couch as the score fluctuates.

Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon

This married duo from Mali have a unique and shockingly gorgeous sound. Influenced by Malian music and modern styles, “Ce N’est Pas Bon” incorporates traditional vocals from Mali and western instrumentals. The tone is inspirational and relaxed, perfect as the game continues but slowly begins to wind down.

Devendra Banhart – La Pastorcita Perdida

This song is great when you need a break. When you’re exhausted by the grueling sport of watching athletics, Devendra Banhart will bring your heart rate down and remind you of the world cup’s multi-cultural awesomeness.

Noah and the Whale – L.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.

Noah and the Whale is crucial for that post-game delirium. The lyrics remind you that life continues beyond a humiliating defeat, and the instrumentals will bring you down from that competitive, soccer-related high. The song reminds that, while the world revolves around the small, jersey-ed figures, it really doesn’t matter in the end (ed. note: Except when it comes to  France, then it’s deadly serious). 

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