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7 Rock Concerts You Must Attend

Posted on the 31 August 2016 by Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

rock concerts you must attend

Put a group of people together and ask what rock concerts you must attend and you’ll get lots of responses. No two people enjoy the same music genre. They usually like some of this music and some of that. Since you are paying a lot of money to see a concert, you should attend concerts where you will have not only a good time but also still enjoy the majority of the music.

Some notable concerts that you should attend are:

  1. Bruce Springsteen- Each show is different at one of his concerts. He doesn’t play by the pre-arranged playlists but instead takes requests from the audience. He listens to the song that he is playing and takes his cue from that. He also looks at the audience’s eye and can see what they really want to hear next. One of his concerts in Helsinki lasted the longest at 4 ½ hours.
  2. The Rolling Stones- This band didn’t want to become a “flash in the pan” so they reunited for a musical tour of playing their old music. They got a surprise performance by Mick Taylor performing “Midnight Rambler.”
  3. U2- This group has been performing for 30 years. Their concerts are inspiring. They create intimacy on the stage. Even when they are performing on a huge stage, it feels as if it’s just you and the band.
  4. Nine Inch Nails- This group can turn a group of 40 year olds into a dance party in goth style. They are getting back together. Their new show blends darkness with a light show so that all of your senses are waken.
  5. Dave Matthews Band- After 20 years, this band is still shaking up new music. With Tim Reynolds playing lead guitarist, they play rarely played cuts of old music along with newer music. As of now, they are playing Zed Lepplin’s “Good Times Bad Times,” which highlights his growl.
  6. Rush- Performing for over 40, these musicians still sound the same way that they did for the hippie generation of the 70’s. Neil Peart has been called the greatest drummer of all time. Every song should and has a standing ovation. They don’t play their oldies until the encore.
  7. Green Day- With 11 albums, this band is able to play any song from one of them. They combine confetti with pyro techniques with their famous rock covers. Every night, they bring a fan on stage to either sing or play an instrument to their most famous song, “Highway to Hell.”

How do they keep the lines in order when people are entering the show or buying refreshments? They use crowd control barriers. These are the same barriers that they use for parades or large gatherings. As the lines progress forward, the barriers move to fit the new configurations. These barriers make the entrance lines move more quickly or you can locate a shorter line, like in the grocery store.

Other performers that you wish you had seen, even if they were singles, were The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Prince, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. These legends changed music and gave us the music we enjoy today. When you have the chance to hear and see one of these legends, purchase the seats that you can afford and go. Listen to the music, embrace the experience and enjoy the sights and sounds. You may only have one opportunity to see one of these legends.


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