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7 Reasons Why Women Need More Than Just “Pure and Safe” Water During Pregnancy

By Sangeetha

" Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine." Can't agree more with this Slovakian proverb.

What is the widely used method to ensure safe and pure water? Boiling water.

But is that enough?

The answer is NO!!


The fact is that boiling water can only kill or inactivate the disease-causing bacteria to an extent. The impurities, turbidity, chlorine and cyst remain as such even after boiling.

So in the end what we consider safe is not healthy water. Healthy water is that water, which is free from impurities and contaminants and is enriched with essential natural minerals and vitamins.

The importance of going for healthy and safe water is even higher when you are pregnant.

Below given are 7 reasons why pregnant women should turn to healthy water than just pure and safe water.

7 Reasons Why Women Need More Than Just “Pure and Safe” Water during Pregnancy
#1. Keeps you hydrated

Healthy water can make it easier for the body to assimilate various nutrients and vitamins in the cells as it is known to be more penetrating. This also helps to keep the oxygen content dissolved in the body high that is essential for your good health.

#2. Weight gaining in a healthy way

Pregnant women should concentrate on the quality of food rather than quantity of food. When you are ready to go for quality food, why not go for quality healthy water. This will ensure that you are hydrated in a healthy way with the adequate amount of minerals minus the unwanted calories. This helps in a healthy weight gain while pregnant.

#3. Lowers acidity

Water with an appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins aids in the proper functioning of the cells and also decreases the excess acid and bile in the digestive system, which in turn helps in proper digestion and lowers acidity.

#4. Removes fatigue

Healthy water hydrates the body in a proper way thus helps to remove fatigue. Healthy water helps curb acidity and nausea and you will naturally feel energetic for sure.

#5. Maintains normal blood pressure

Water enriched with vitamins and minerals can reduce blockages in the arteries and veins caused by deposits of cholesterol and salts. This helps to normalize the circulatory system and manages blood pressure levels.

#6. Less chance of urinary tract and kidney infections

Drinking adequate amount of properly filtered healthy water can help lower the pH level in urine and stimulate excretion of toxic mineral salts. This improves the ability of the kidneys to remove toxic wastes from the body lowering the chances of an infection.

#7. Lessens joint and muscle pain

Healthy water will always have only the required amount of calcium and magnesium in it. So going for healthy water can help reduce joint and muscle pain as these minerals at the right amounts play a vital role in the proper functioning of joints and muscles.

So these are some the advantages of switching to pure and healthy water.

Investing in a good water purifier depending on the quality of the source water can ensure you pure, safe and healthy water supply throughout.

Aquaguard water purifier is one such water purifier that is equipped with the technology to remove chemical contaminants like chlorine, pesticides and even petrochemical residues. The Advanced Mineral Guard Technology used in these purifiers is capable of removing contaminants like lead, mercury, fluorides etc. while retaining essential natural minerals in the water. Its unique e-boiling and reverse osmosis technology ensure that all the disease causing bacteria and virus are inactivated and filtered before you take a sip of water.

So make a wise choice and invest in ensuring beyond safe and pure water. Go for healthy water especially during pregnancy. Your body will thank you, so will your baby.

Drink your way to better health.

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