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7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Swimsuits

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect

Swimsuits are one of the items that just about everyone needs—but there are a surprising number of misconceptions out there. Incorrect advice and outdated fashion tips can lead to a lot of trouble when trying to find the right suit for you. Here’s the real truth behind seven of the most common swimsuit myths.

Sporty Girls Need Frills

First of all, there’s a common belief that those with athletic bodies need ruffles, frills, or floral patterns to help them appear more feminine. But really, there’s no need to wear frills if you don’t like them. Just look for curve enhancing seams or cutout panels.

Small Chests Need Padding

Have you ever heard that small-chested women always need padding? This isn’t the case. In fact, women who have flatter chests can get away with a wider variety of necklines and strap configurations that wouldn’t work on other body types.

Big Busts Need One-Pieces

Bikinis can be worn by many different women. Many top pieces are made with extra reinforcement, underwire, or adjustable straps to help provide the necessary support.

Wear Black

It’s a common belief that the only option if you want to look slimmer is to wear black. Other dark colors can help slim your silhouette too, though, and certain patterns can help quite a bit.

Don’t Wear White

Some women avoid white bathing suits like the plague, but the right one can look sleek and stylish. If you’re worried about show-though, pick something that is textured and has a solid nude lining to keep you covered.

Look for Your Clothing Size

Generally speaking, swimsuits are sized smaller than regular clothes because they have a much snugger fit. Look for a size or two smaller than you normally do.

Go Bigger

Some believe that you want a suit that has a bit of wiggle room, but this can lead to uncomfortable slippage and shifting. Pick a suit that stays close to your skin. Here at Swimsuits Direct, we have a wide variety of suits in all shapes and sizes; start looking for your suit today.

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