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7 Great Online Tools to Help You Become a Better Writer

Posted on the 17 February 2015 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

There’s a variety of tools available on the internet that can do everything from write a paper for you, to help you to concentrate on your work, edit your work, get others’ opinions, get published, and set up an online portfolio. Many of these sites are free, while some other services cost everything—from $10 to $80 for 24 hours editing service. Here’s a brief look at some of what’s out there—an overview of some of the offerings to writers available on the net.

This site’s purpose is to help writers focus and simplify the process. It’s designed for Apple products and can sync to work with what you’ve created on all of them. It costs $19.99 for the desktop Apple and $9.99 for the mobile products like iPad and iPhone.

To get the writing process started with, you start by taking notes with “Note”.  Access is made easy, and syntax can be controlled as well as punctuation.

The next step is “Write”, where you start to put your ideas together. The best feature of is probably the night mode which lets you type with a dark screen for easy viewing at night—it displays one line at a time to make concentrating easier. “Edit” displays the text the way readers would see it. It also lets you control your syntax using highlighting. “Read” is the last step and formats your writing. differs greatly from in that it employs living people to edit and proofread your paper. Their target audience are for those who don’t speak English as their first language, and those who would simply like to get a pro look at their writing projects.

Here’s an easy to understand and easy to use app that can be downloaded, or you can upload documents for it to analyze. It pinpoints adverbs, and suggests using stronger verbs instead. It highlights long sentences in yellow and recommends breaking them up, and the passive voice is marked in green. What all of this does is allow the writer to become aware of what they are doing. They can use Hemingway App to get a better handle of their own style and improve upon it consciously.

Young Writers Online is a forum where you can read the writing of others and upload your work to be critiqued by others. You can get someone to check your work for free, and provide support to others. It provides a social network for writers at zero cost, and tools for improvement from impartial people.

BestEssayTips is best for those who are trying to get out of doing their own work. You hire someone else to do it who is reputed to be a professional and who will get you great grades. This is not for those who are looking to improve their own writing, but for people who don’t have enough time for it. On the other hand, there are many effective writing tips on site. Follow them and every new paper written by you will be more interesting and correct.

Teen Ink is a platform for sharing work, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography and reviews. Teens can get their work published online and find inspiration by reading the work of others. This is a great springboard for aspiring writers to get exposure and get their work out there.

Writer’s Residence is very useful to professional writers who are looking for jobs and looking to impress. It’s an online portfolio platform where you can upload work and display such with a clean looking format. This site also has a template for creating a resume, the means to showcase small samples of writing. Support from a help team is also offered. The site is free, and no downloads are necessary. This is an excellent resource for freelancers who want to further their careers without paying a lot of money to get themselves out there.

The internet has a lot of tools and resources to help professionals, including writers. There are surely others out there, but these sites are an excellent starting point for improving your work.

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Cindy Bates is an experienced writer and educator. She has written for different online publications, where she shares her experience and knowledge. Her main focus is covering a variety of topics in education niche.

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