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7 Freelancer Life Hacks

By Nesheaholic @nesheaholic
7 Freelancer Life Hacks
I love freelancer life. During this year and some change that I've been a freelancer I've developed a good set of life hacks, tips, tricks, and tools that can help freelancers across any industry, and some that are also specific for marketing freelancers and freelancers who work from home.

7 Freelancer Life Hacks

Working from the Library 

Starbucks is great, and McDonalds also has WiFi, but if you're looking for a work location that won't require you to make purchases, go to our local library! There you'll be equipped with WiFi, as well as printers, scanners, and books, should you need them. I occasionally reserve a study room in my library if I need to make a phone call, have a video conference, or just want a little space to myself. 


Speaking of scanning, if you are working in a location that doesn't have a scanner and you need to scan and send a document someone, check out the Evernote Scannable app. You can use your smartphone to scan a document and it comes out looking just as good as an actual scanner, and better than just taking a picture of the document. 
7 Freelancer Life Hacks


I rave all the time about my love for Asana as a project management program. Part of the success of being a freelancer is being able to keep track of all your client needs and deadlines. Asana is great for juggling multiple clients and projects, and I even keep track of things like Christmas lists and household chores in there. Asana is available as a mobile app or on desktop. There is also an Asana Gmail extension that allows you to create tasks right in your inbox, assigning them to the proper client/project, and adding a due date. 

PayPal Invoicing 

I use PayPal to send my invoices because it allows clients to pay me easily, and for me to transfer money to my account with ease. PayPal also lets me know when a client has viewed my invoice, so there's no question as to whether or not it was received. With PayPal invoices clients can still pay you with a check if they prefer, and you can log a payment manually. 


Kami is a great program that allows you to take digital notes, highlight, strike through, etc, on top of a document right in your browser. This is helpful for reviewing documents that are in PDF format where you want to put notes on the document to send back to a client in the way you could with pen and paper if you were in the same space together. 
7 Freelancer Life Hacks
These next freelancer life hacks are specifically for those who are marketing freelancers but can be helpful to many...


I absolutely love Canva for making quick and simple graphics and designs without having to open my Adobe products. You can make graphics and designs of all types and sizes, upload your own images, or use stock images available from Canva. Canva has a mobile app but I prefer to use it on desktop in my browser. 

MP4 to GIF Converter

I probably use this MP4 to GIF converter at least twice a month. It comes in handy when trying to use Boomerang or short video clips on various social media platforms. 
What do you want to know about freelancer life?


7 Freelancer Life Hacks7 Freelancer Life Hacks7 Freelancer Life Hacks

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