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7 Foolproof Decorating Tips for Your Home

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

7 Foolproof Decorating Tips for Your Home

We all know what big of a task is decorating your own home. Interior designers are an option, but not everyone can afford those high budgeted designers to fancy up your house. Even if you want to renovate or decorate one room, or a small part of your home, the designers always have a big budget to ruin your plans.

Below are the seven most foolproof ways in which you can decorate your house, even if you have a tight budget! You can use these tricks to decorate your home just the way you want, without having to worry about anything.

Make your Front Door the First Impression:

If you want your house to have a great first impression, you need to put your focus on the front door. Paint your front door in a bold and glossy hue. You can paint your front door red, as red is a lucky color in many cultures. You can also paint it orange or yellow, as both of the colors are associated with joy and warmth.

Keep Your Walls Light:
Keep your walls light or neutral. Stick to colors like pale yellow, sand, beige or light grey. Neutral walls give you a vast canvas for decorating and also allows you to have a strong base for whatever décor you would like to add later. If you have rooms that are small are close or next to each other, you can paint them the same color to make them look larger.

Let the Sun Shine In:
If you have rooms that get a good amount of sunshine, you are fortunate. Don't block it, let the sunshine in. For curtains or drapes, choose light colors that won't fade away. Most preferred fabrics for curtains are cotton, linen, and silk, as they tend to hang well and give an exquisite look.

Neon Décor Items:
Neon décor is very trendy these days. You have a lot of options when it comes to neon décor. You can have beautiful neon curtains hanging up in your windows, or even up in your kitchen and bathroom to give it a pop of color. Neon light wall art is also very chic and looks very beautiful in a dull lit room or even at the entrance area. There is an extensive collection of neon signs available in physical markets as well as online, to put up in your bedrooms, and even in your living room. In order to get the best neon decor items, check this out

Hanging Mirrors:
Mirrors tend to make space look bigger and brighter. You can put mirrors on the walls perpendicular to the window so that the room looks bright, large, and airy. Be careful when you hang the mirror because if you attach the mirror on the opposite wall of the window, it will be useless as the light will bounce off the mirror and reflect outside only.

Hang Artwork on Your Wall:

Hanging artwork or photos on the walls are the safest options to decorate your house. You can out up your own photos or paintings of objects you like. But placing the frame at the right spot is very important. Always prefer to hang the picture frame at your eye level. If you hang a picture too high or too low, it will look ridiculous. Also, be careful when you choose the size of the frame, avoid putting up a small picture frame, but if you have to, don't go too high.

Make Your Windows Look Bigger:
When hanging up your curtains, don't hang them directly above the window frame. Hang them a little higher, between the window frame and the ceiling. This will make your room lighter, and bugger, and will also make your windows look large.

About the Author:

Brenda Tanner is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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