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7 Films That Surprised Me in 2018

Posted on the 03 January 2019 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Some films you manage to see without much build up or expectation and you end up very surprised. I guess this is how we manage to find hidden gems and one of the main reasons to keep your options open and give different genres a chance.

It was quite tough to put my list down to only seven films but here are the final ones . . .

Patrick ( Review)

7 Films That Surprised Me in 2018

A film with a dog at its very core is not my usual choice, but I was very pleased to give this small British comedy a chance as it was very well put together in terms of a nice storyline and some lovely messages to go along with that when dealing with loss and heartbreak. A very unexpected nice film which I think was very under-watched.

Which films surprised you the most in 2018?

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