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7 Facts on Infidelity

By Alexapoblete
  1. 1 in every 4 married men and 1 in every 10 married women have extramarital affairs ranging from long-term relationships to one-off flings. Recent studies of Australian couples indicate that 20-40% heterosexual married men and 20-25% heterosexual married women are going to have an extramarital affair in their lifetime. People are however, of the opinion that its the ongoing physical and emotional relationships, which generally affect a marriage intensely. 7 Facts on Infidelity
  1. Human beings usually have 3 main brain systems that's related to live-
     a) sex drive evolved for motivating individuals to look for copulation with different partners    b) romantic love evolved for motivating individuals to emphasize on their mating energy on particular partners, thus conserving metabolic energy and courtship time    c) partner attachment evolved for motivating the mating individuals to be together at least long enough for rearing a single single via infancy together.

  1. All these 3 basic neutral systems basically interact with each other and the other brain systems in a different kinds of flexible, combinatorial patterns for providing a range of emotions, motivations & behaviours necessary for orchestrating the complicated human reproductive strategy. 

    7 Facts on Infidelity
  1. Infidelity has become a reality across several cultures. It was quite common among Romans and Greeks, historical Japanese, pre-industrial Europeans, Hindus, Chinese, Turu of Tansania and several other tribal societies of the world. So, one thing is very much clear here that infidelity is a phenomenon, which takes place all over the world with regularity, irrespective of the universal disapproval behavior.
  1. Mate poaching is a common trend. Single Australian men as well as women have admitted to mate poaching, making attempts to woo an individual away from any committed relationship and to start a relationship with them.
  1. Infidelity does not always mean that the couples are into an unhappy relationship. Irrespective of the correlation between the relationship dissatisfaction as well as adultery, it was rated by women that they are very happy with their husbands. All these suggested that it is the genetics that are playing a role in philandering.
  1. A lot of men or women who are cheated by their spouse are seeking support from friends, family or a qualified counsellor in Bondi Junction-someone they feel comfortable with.

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