7 Digital Marketing Strategies For eCommerce

Posted on the 23 September 2020 by Shalini Khurana @codeaxia

There are many challenges for ecommerce sites, despite the fact that we are living in the digital age. Competition with millions of shopping options is fierce. It is not a walk in the mall. Also, thanks to Google, people can quickly check prices, compare their products with their competitors, and decide what to buy before they reach your site. Here we help you making a Strategy for your eCommerce business and we are ecommerce SEO services company in delhi india. Now here some Digital Marketing strategies for eCommerce business-

7 Digital Marketing Strategies For eCommerce

#1 Boost Product Visualization

Consumers are expected to have access to any kind of information at any time. Not only that, but they have become very visual. Using exceptional product visualizations lets you show your products quickly and effortlessly so that consumers can view details and necessarily read about them.

#2 Add Video

Although not all products require video, if you have to show something, show it in action. HubSpot reported that 81% of consumers say video provides confidence in making purchases. If you can show how good your product slices and dice are, people will understand what it does and why they need it.

#3 Cutting Edge Product Filtering

The more products you offer, the more you need advanced product filtering. No one has time to find their site based on a searched inventory inventory plan that doesn't matter to them. Instead, you'll need to provide them with the tools to shop on your own terms and find out what they need quickly.

#4 Automate with Chatbots

Yes, it's AI, but it's really worthy of its strategy. Chatbots can be the first point of contact that can create or spoil your customer experience. Now being available to answer questions makes the purchase so easy. You can quickly solve issues that allow you to make your way into shopping carts.

These friendly small bots make it very easy to interact with customers in a humane way and, in turn, provide a personalized experience that can significantly affect shopping. Chatbots aren't just excellent customer service reps. They can also make great salespeople. They offer customers on-the-spot up-selling options by telling them when discounts or deals are available.

#5 Flexible Delivery

A great way to increase cart abandonment is to limit delivery options. Forty-five per cent of online customers have abandoned their trains when they discover that delivery options do not suit their needs. People want to pay and know that their product will arrive quickly. At the same time, they may also want to know if they no longer need their order, they can pay less for delivery when they choose.

#6 Mobile Friendly

According to Outer box, 7% of mobile users had shopped online using their phones within the last six months before their survey. It's important for your website to be mobile-friendly. Some of the best-in-the-way will include-

# A shopping cart that scrolls with the customer, so they don't have to scroll to find it

# Add-to-cart buttons that are easily found so customers can instantly add items to their carts

#7 Use Re Targeting

Re-targeting is central to the success of any ecommerce site. It allows you to follow customers while staying online and to keep aware of your products and services. Once they visit your site, your ads can show them what they're missing with a quick link where they can complete their orders.


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