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7 Different Types of Bra for Different Dresses

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

7 Different Types of bra for different dresses & Necklines

Behind every great looking outfit, there is a solid foundation. It is the bra that can make or break the look that you want to don in your finest dresses. More than often, visible cup lines, straps peeking out of the dress, or the cup getting visible through the top can play spoilsport. Hence, while you meticulously measure your perfect bra size, or color coordinate your dress, it is equally important to choose the perfect type of bra to go with the dress. Here’s a lowdown on bra for womens that completes your lingerie collection.

Balconette Bra

This is the perfect thing to go with your low-neck or wide dresses. They hit the bull’s eye with your boat-neck dresses and tops, as well. Also, the fact that they appear in half-cup make them ‘lift’ your breasts. No wonder that they appear fuller.

Balconette Bra

Plunge Bra

Justifying its name, a plunge bra is a go-to bra with your plunge tops and other deep-neck dresses. Make sure to pick one of them this party season, especially if you have chiseled necklines. And the best quality bras do not make you appear tacky.

plunge Bra

Strapless Bra

They have been a darling of the fashionistas for quite a while. Nowadays, they come in innovative features. For example:

  • There are high-support bras that come with extra padding
  • Silicon taping and underwire keeps the bra just in place, thus avoiding embarrassments
  • There is also a modified version of strapless bras. The rather low impact tube bras look and feel just like a strapless bra. Yet, it gives less support.

strapless bra

If you have a cute tube dress to flaunt, then a strapless bra is just what you need. In fact, you can pair them with any dress that has a daring neckline, big armholes or deep cuts.

A style tip: If you are wearing a dress with sweetheart neckline, then pick a well-supported strapless bra only.

Stick-on Bra

When it comes to choosing something to wear with a backless dress, you barely have two options- either go braless or stick to a stick-on bra. If you are not confident enough to ditch your bras all together, then a number of premier bra online companies have some amazing options to offer you. Look for what gives you the right cleavage and the best support.

Stick-on Bra

Multiway Bra

Dresses with crossover backs are in trend now. If you love experimenting with tricky cloths, then you may not go wrong with a convertible or multiway bra. If you buy bra online, then make sure to check whether your chosen products have easily detachable hooks. This will help to adjust them in different convenient ways. For the record, you can also use them with your round-shoulder dresses.

multiway bra

Halter Bra

Justifying its name, a halter bra is just the thing you will need with a halter neck dress. If you do not want to invest in a halter neck brassier, then having a multiway bra would suffice. Simply detach a strap and move it around the neck to get the desired look.

Halter Bra

Racerback Convertors

If you are looking for a ladies bra to coordinate with a dress having narrow front, then a racerback bra is the answer. Indeed, they are primarily meant for racerback dresses. You can use the converter to wear in the front or back of the bra. This will keep the straps intact. No matter the dress your wear, racerback convertors would come to your aid if you have narrow shoulders.

racerback bra

Whether you shop from a physical store or online, ensure to shop around a little to get the best deal for your money.

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