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7 Celebs Who Fought And Won Against Breast Cancer

By Allyson3james

tumblr_inline_nwxyfuChxu1tt7ooi_540The modern woman wants to make their career, keep their personal life at risk to get issues like breast cancer. The celebrities are no exception as we can find some of the celebrities even from Hollywood and other film industries facing this menace. Some after suffering from the breast cancer also became the part of the awareness campaign about the same. Let’s explore the list of 7 celebs that fought and won against this dreaded ailment called breast cancer.

1) Kylie Minogue

She is a known singer and television actress from Australia who was diagnosed with this dreaded medical ailment in the year 2005. She had to go for the chemotherapy and was successfully able to come out from this heinous disease. Since then, Kylie Mingoue has been vociferous against this menace called breast cancer helping women understand this problem. She has also received her honorary Doctorate degree in Health Sciences for being active in this field.

2) Cynthia Nixon

She is the gorgeous actress from the popular TV series called Sex and the City. She was diagnosed with this dreaded ailment during her routine mammogram in the year 2006. Cynthia successfully combated this menace and had the radiation therapy for six long months. She later underwent a procedure called lumpectomy. When she finally recovered, she turned the ambassador for Susan.G. Komen for the Cure- a known NGO working against this menace.

3) Barbara Mori

Remember this Mexican beauty, who appeared in Bollywood film called Kites? Well, she is also a breast cancer survivor. Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was barely 29 years of age. After combating hard and survived, she now openly supports for a number of breast cancer causes.

4) Mumtaz

Not many would know that the former Bollywood diva- Mumtaz too was diagnosed with breast cancer in the early 2000. As per reports, she had a malignant lump in her breasts that was diagnosed like a cancer. The veteran actress was able to overcome this menace with her family support and self determination. After fighting hard and winning the battle, she was seen claiming that she doesn’t give up so early and like to fight, which was the case against breast cancer.

5) Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is among the most popular and beautiful women in the film industry Hollywood, which was revealed in May 2013. She had to opt for mastectomy twice to counter the menace called breast and ovarian cancer. Angelina Jolie was then seen taking up a bold step when she discovered that she has 87% of probability of having this dreaded disease of breast cancer, which also took her mom’s life. Now, you can find the leading lady of Hollywood active in the cause of breast cancer along with other activism.

6) Namrata Singh Gujral

Namrata is known American actress from Indian origin, who has worked in several sitcoms including the Americanizing Shelley and The Agency and Passions. She was also seen in the Bollywood movie called Kaante. In the year 2008, she was seen getting diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. However, she took the battle with great courage and commitment. She was then seen directing a docu-drama called 1 A Minute, which dealt with the women getting affected by breast cancer. This documentary got a grand 600 screens release and turned out to be a popular film on this subject.

7) Christina Applegate

She is known for her hit sitcoms including Jesse, Samantha Who? She was diagnosed with this menace in the year 2008 but bravely fought for the same. As the breast cancer was detected in the early stage, she was able to get rid of the same with a double mastectomy. She then founded a group for breast cancer awareness called Right Action for Women wherein she has been vociferous against the menace.

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7 Celebs Who Fought And Won Against Breast Cancer

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