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7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

Posted on the 06 June 2019 by Uplarn @UPLARN_MEDIA

Nowadays, it is much easier for students to travel around the world, even with a limited budget. There are a lot of budget-friendly hostels or camping places, cheap spots to eat, which are available for students. Do not waste your college years because it is the best time to start traveling with your college mates or even solo. So, it is time to start saving up some money and plan the itinerary for your next affordable travel destination right now.

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People who experienced college times know perfectly well that most of the students are quite short on money. They have to invest a lot of cash in textbooks during the semester. However, you should not spend all your time in the library. If you can't wait until summer break to organize your trip, this article will inspire you and set a clear goal to travel as soon as possible. Get ready to discover amazing destinations in different parts of the world, which every student with limited money can visit at least once in his life.

Top 7 budget-friendly travel destinations

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

We decided to begin our listing with Ecuador. It may surprise you because Ecuador is not the first pick of student travelers. You should plan your South American adventure because it is an affordable trip for broke students. The country is famous for its fantastic beaches, never-ending exciting places to see. Besides, it is the best place for students to practice their Spanish skills you have been studying at college for several semesters already. Just stay open, communicate with locals, and you will get a foreign lфnguage intуnsive course for free. The level of crime dropped in Ecuador, but students should not ignore safety issues. You should definitely visit the Galapagos islands.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

Students love Puerto Rico. American students can find cheap flights, which are not extended. Besides, you do not need a passport because it is the territory of the USA. Students will discover many budget-friendly hostels for $15 per night. Be ready to meet many students from around the world. You will enjoy parties with tasty mojitos. You should not miss the walk at La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce. There are many authentic bars and restaurants with delicious Puerto Rico food.

Arenal Area, Costa Rica

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

Costa Rica is an excellent destination in Central America for students, thanks to moderate prices and fun adventures. Students can find affordable hostels here, and some of them even offer a complimentary breakfast. If you travel from the USA, the flights are quite cheap. Costa Rica is a very touristic place. You will get acquainted with smiling locals. If you want to try local and affordable food, visit "sodas." If you want to save money on drinks, do shopping in grocery stores where you will find the best Costa Rican beer.

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

Nowadays, Bolivia is very popular among student travelers. It is an affordable destination if you have a cash limit. The airplane ticket is the most significant money spending in Bolivia. Once you have arrived at the final destination, you will be surprised to see things which are affordable even for poor students. Accommodation, transportation, drinks, food will cost you not more than $20 per day.

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

We all know that Europe is not the cheapest destination for students on a budget. Albania is a rare exception. The cost of living in Albania is the most affordable than elsewhere in Europe. Albania is famous for some beautiful beaches. This Mediterranean is worth visiting! You will find sunshine and relaxation there. And local food is something you will never forget.

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for college travelers. Now, young people go there for voluntourism, which has become a big thing in Thailand. It is the place where you will find an authentic cultural experience. You can enjoy beaches and relaxation, or you can volunteer your free time to a local school or numerous home-building project. This is the best destination to escape a cold winter season. You will enjoy never-ending adventure opportunities, such as kayaking, rafting, elephant riding, etc. If you want to save money on accommodation, you can stay in hostels with shared rooms/bathrooms.

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

If you love Asia, then Vietnam is an excellent place for traveling. The cost of living there is around $20 per day. Tourism is on the pick in Vietnam, but the prices are quite affordable there. There are many student-friendly opportunities for backpacking. You must visit Con Dao Island and National Park, where you will see sea turtles.


College years are the best for traveling and exploring the world. With a bit of organization, proper planning, you will have the best trip of your life. Do not let money issues spoil your young years. Travelling will make you more open-minded and free. Such qualities will help you in the future when you enter your adult life full of responsibilities.

7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World 7 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World

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