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7 Android Games Guaranteed to Keep You Glued to Your Phone

Posted on the 28 March 2014 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

If you’re in the search for some of those addictive, time-wasting games, you came to the right place. Check out some of the coolest games I’m playing on my phone right now. All these games are free, except for Temple Run: OZ.

Zombie Diary


This is my top favorite at the moment. I play this game everyday. Zombie Diary is all about blasting zombies, purchasing new guns and then blasting more zombies. But unlike any other zombie game I’ve played, this one just never gets old.

Your mission is to complete certain challenges to survive each day. There are lots of weapons to choose from and there’s also a special free-run level that lets you earn coins by just killing zombies. Achievements and daily challenges made me come back to this game every day.

Move the Box


This game is sort of like an improved Candy Crush game, but instead of combining candy, you just have to clear out a pile of boxes from the docks. There’s a catch. You only get one move to clear out all the boxes. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, if you use your brain properly, it’s pretty easy. There are hundreds of levels to play in this game and the game gets harder by each level.

Road Trip 2


This is one of those wacky games that’s just fun to play. In this 2D game, you just select a car and make a run to try and go as long as your gas last. On the way you get to complete achievements by pulling stunts with your vehicle to score points and upgrade your car or get a new one. It’s crazy how fun this game really is.

Temple Run: OZ


There are dozens of variations of Temple Run game, but this one is certainly different from others. Temple Run: OZ has the most beautiful graphics I’ve ever seen on any Android game. I just play this game for its’ gorgeousness. The game costs $1.99. And it’s well worth it.

Beach Buggy Blitz


Best (free) 3D racing game on Android. In Beach Buggy Blitz, there’s nothing but the sandy beach for you to race all you want. But unlike other racing games, this one is less intense. I usually play this game to collect coins and upgrade my ride because its’ super fun to race in Beach Buggy Blitz.

Memory Trainer


With all the stuff that’s messing around in my head, I often finds myself forgetting things. I use this app to improve my memory. And you know what, it actually works. There are a set of simple memory games that you can play each day to pump up that tiny brain of yours.

Doodle Jump


A blast from the past. This super addictive platformer has been around for years and it still got its’ mojo. Purchasing upgrades can be little hard in this game, but it’s always fun to make that tiny adorable thing jump all the way to the top.

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