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60 Named To Top 10 PUA's of 2010 List

By Stoffbyrd
A lot of guys have been emailing to congratulate me on being named one of The Top 10 PUA's of 2010 by TSB Magazine. Some of you want to know what I think about it.
If anything the award is more for you than it is for me. You have proved that this style of meeting women can be successful. Hundreds of you. And that is why we were noticed. Well actually, it's more like they couldn't ignore us any longer. So, thank you my  Junior 60 's. You deserve it!
But I wish instead there was a Top 10 List of Guys who are are well rounded with women. Seduction & Relationships included. Hey, maybe one day.
I find it laughable there are all these pickup companies, seduction product and dating coaches. But since I am one of them, I guess that makes me a hypocrite. But aren't all human beings in some ways, hypocrites. Anyway, we aren't special, we aren't inventing new technology. Who do we think we fucking are, Apple coming out with the new Ipad or something.
We are just revealing truths. Explaining nature. And whoever can explain these truths the best, guys will listen to him. That is what this industry - er, I mean community is all about. And of course in my humble opinion, 60 explains these truths better than most. But I am not special.
Stay humble my friends and fellow associates.

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