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6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

Posted on the 09 November 2018 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

What do marriage, launching a start-up company, and managing a growing business have in common? They all require expert problem solving skills at a moment's notice.

Nobody has the perfect marriage. All couples will disagree or run into unexpected situations at some point during their relationship. This may involve financial troubles, sickness or disease, or even infidelity. These difficulties require patience, love, understanding, and the innate ability to get to the root of an issue.

In a similar way, getting a new business off the ground or running a company can be highly stressful and challenging. Entrepreneurs may encounter complicated problems that may leave them scratching their heads. But they must be vigilant! It is up to them to find a lasting solution to the issue at hand. This is where the experience learned in marriage comes in handy.

These are 6 ways marriage trains business owners to solve even the most difficult problems.

Knowing the Importance of Communication

Sometimes, in business, a boss may jump right into problem-solving mode before they really understand where the trouble stems from. This is where marriage can lend a helping hand with efficient problem-solving.

Every couple is bound to have arguments every now and again. Sometimes these arguments can start seemingly out of nowhere, only for one spouse to discover there was an even bigger problem at the root of these troubles.

Healthy couples know the importance of communication when it comes to resolving their issues. They are not afraid to get to the heart of the matter and clearly define the problem at hand.

Communication only works when partners are honest with one another. They must show respect and learn how to listen in order to resolve conflict effectively.

When it comes to business, the same principles apply. Business owners see the value in doing a deep dive and getting to the root of a problem. This will help them find a real and lasting solution.

6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

Turning Problems into Opportunities

It may sound strange, but problems don't necessarily have to be a bad thing. In marriage, you discover that some problems can actually be golden opportunities to show your love for one another.

A wife telling her husband he isn't very attentive gives him the opportunity to plan a grand romantic gesture or schedule a weekly date night to reassure her of his love for her.

A husband telling his wife that she isn't very clean gives her the opportunity to pick up after herself and take pride in the appearance of their home.

This theory also works for business. When there is an issue at work, look for a way to make it into a new and exciting challenge that can benefit your business. Perhaps your problem is that the marketing for your company is poor. Instead of letting this crush your ego, see it as a chance to boost social media engagement and increase sales.

Discovering the Real Answer

If a spouse says, "We don't spend enough time together", what does this statement really mean? It could mean that while couples are spending 5+ hours a night together, they are lacking in quality time, perhaps distracted by electronics or children.

This plea could also indicate that one spouse is bored or that they need to spend more time tending to the physical intimacy in the relationship. This is important, as sex and other forms of intimacy are shown to t and heighten emotional intimacy .

Dissecting the real answer to a problem will help business owners. For example, the problem may be that sales are down, but what does this truly mean? Is the company not putting enough into advertising or is there a tough competitor nearby that should be considered?

Discovering the real answer to a problem will help those in business choose the most effective route to strengthen their business.

6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

They Know How to Prioritize

Some problems are much bigger than others. A wife telling her partner they don't help enough around the house is hardly as pressing as if she were to tell them that their child is having trouble at school.

While both issues must eventually be dealt with, the partner in question should prioritize the more pressing issues.

In business, entrepreneurs must prioritize potential solutions. They must decipher which solution is most timely and effective. They also realize the importance of solving a small problem before it snowballs out of control.

Know How to Take Responsibility

Anyone who is married knows that there are some issues in a marriage that are entirely their fault. And even if they aren't, you'll be apologizing for them anyhow.

Instead of business owners or entrepreneurs complaining about the difficulty of a problem or assigning blame, they must humbly accept that it is now up to them to make things right again.

Accepting responsibility for solving the problem will help business owners clearly assign tasks to their team that will help resolve the issue and help the company move forward.

Problems with Multiple Solutions

Not all problems or requests have a one-answer solution. For example, if a husband kindly tells his wife he wishes she would take better care of herself, she may solve this issue in one of several ways.

She may start by paying closer attention to personal hygiene. She may also take a spa day for herself, strive to eat better, exercise daily, or get dolled up more often. Any number of these solutions will qualify as "taking better care of herself" and will boost her self-confidence.

Similarly, a problem in business doesn't always have a single solution.

Like a marriage, business isn't always a smooth ride. It requires great communication, teamwork, and a deep understanding of your partner. Owners must be fully committed to solving problems, able to view the issue at hand from different angles, and should not be afraid to ask for help. Only then will they become pros at problem-solving.


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6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

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