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6 Things You Need For Your Daily Commute

By Abrunetteinthecity
As a blog titled "Brunette In The City" I feel kind of foolish for not really posting many "city" related things! Especially New York City! How could I be neglecting such an important part of my blog?! I do have some great posts in mind, but I decided to start with something very simple...yet incredibly beneficial for anyone who may have to commute to their job! So I present to you, 6 things you should always have for your daily commute!
6 Things You Need For Your Daily Commute
1. Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, etc.
The options are endless when it comes to entertainment on one of these techy gadgets so I highly suggest always toting one around with you. I prefer to listen to music on my commute so for those that also go that route, remember to carry around an extra set of headphones in case yours break...mine have. That's a lesson I had to learn the hard way.
2. Staying true to print, bring a book....(or your Kindle)
Its amazing how many people resort to technology rather than old fashioned books and newspapers. There's no shame in reading a newspaper on the morning train, I even find it charming! If you prefer to not bump your beats in the morning, a book is a better (and quieter) option.
3. Hand sanitizer
It really does become such a routine, but the truth is that you are touching things that other people have touched and unfortunately you do NOT know where they have been. Always make sure to have hand sanitizer with you in case you do get caught in a sticky situation.
4. A scarf
This might sound a little crazy, but you may jump on a subway car without realizing IT STINKS. Next thing you know, the doors are closing and you're trapped next to someone who didn't seem to take their morning shower. You may think you look crazy wrapping your face up in a scarf, but the truth planned for moments like this!
5. A cardholder
If you have multiple transportation cards to carry around, a cardholder is a great way to keep them stored in one place. The last thing you want is to be rummaging through your purse as your subway is pulling away from the station. Having everything stored in one spot makes your commute easier and smoother! That's always a plus.
6. A comfortable pair of flats
Now you can buy comfortable, transportable easy to go flats from almost anywhere. They only cost a few dollars and are a great investment...and now they come in a slew of different designs! If you are someone who always wears heels at work then these a great option for your commute. They even come in handy if your new flats start to hurt your feet too much!
Do you carry these things around with you on your commute? Have anything to add to this list?!

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