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How To Unwind With ASMR

By Abrunetteinthecity

Working in PR, there are days I come home and I am physically and emotionally drained. Those are the days that I really need to help unwind and take my mind off things so before I go to bed, I tune into some ASMR videos on Youtube.
ASMR also known as autonomous sensory meridian response, is when the body is flooded with waves of euphoric tingles. For me personally, I experience a tingling sensation down my spine and arms.
I first realized this when I was at the doctor’s office, whenever the doctor or nurse is listening through the stethoscope or checking my ears and eyes, I feel this sensation. The same also happens when I go for a massage. It is a wave of relaxation – and that’s why I tune in almost every night to ASMR videos.
Truth be told, there is no solid evidence backing ASMR or its effects on the body and mind. But by searching Youtube, you will see thousands upon thousands of videos…so I realized I wasn't alone!
As I mentioned above, I feel this sensation when I’m physically at the doctor’s office (tune into videos like “cranial nerve examination”) or getting a massage which is why I am suggesting the videos below…these are my “triggers” but there are so many more! I’ve included some additional ones below as well in case they are different for you.
Take a listen! It’s possible you may not even know you have these triggers as well, and some people don’t get any sensation whatsoever. 
Some of my favorites videos:
ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam Role Play with Personal Attention, Light, and Face Touching ASMR Role Play Scalp, Eyes, Ears and Skin Medical Examination / Soft Spoken 
ASMR - Role Play Dr Dmitri Scalp Inspection with Scalp Massage  ASMR Eye Exam Role Play: Lots of Light!
ASMR Role Play Ear Examination with Dr Dmitri - Ear to Ear Binaural Relaxing Doctor Visit | ASMR Full Body Exam with Ear Cleaning 
 ASMR Binaural (3D) Cranial Nerve Examination Role Play for Tingles, Relaxation, and Sleep
My favorite

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