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6 Reasons Why I Want Oppo F1s.

By Jonathan Orbuda @ilovetansyong
6 Reasons Why I Want Oppo F1s.
This article is not to sugar-coat nor to build up this Smartphone brand – OPPO .Yet this post is my real experience with Oppo f1s(even if I don’t have one). Allan Aban, who is my friend, bought a new phone in Oppo store. He opted the Oppo f1s and he let me use the phone for a short span of time and have it review – quality and features.  I was astonished of the phone quality.
Watch the video below. This video is raw file recorded using OPPO f1s front Camera. And I uploaded it directly to my Channel w/o editing AT ALL.

“I have this phone, I can maximise the full potential of the features SANA SA VLOG KO”, I said it to myself (May halong inggit)

Here the reasons why I wanted to have it in this Christmas (BUNOS, 13th Month Pay).
1.The front camera is truly insane. I did try to create a VLOG using it inside my room which is kinda dark and the quality of the video is remarkable.
2.The Front Camera, while recording can be zoom in and zoom out depending on my need. This is beneficial for a Vlogger like me because I don’t need to crop my video during the editing/post production. You just have to zoom in to avoid non- essential backdrops.
3.While recording the video, you can also adjust the brightness which is undeniably a breakthrough of a smart phone product. This is useful to ALL selfie addicts and video bloggers who are documenting their unforgettable moments in a dark vista – like dinner date, concert, fire display and etcetera. This phone is really for me in proportion to my lifestyle as a night crawler - (SEE VIDEO HERE as I vlog a bar review using other brand).
4.(Notice the Audio), the sound that being recorded is audible and I can hear the bass of my voice. It produces a crisp and high quality audio which is helpful to Vloggers .No more use of external voice recorder and shot gun microphone. Indeed, there’s no need to enhance the audio anymore – it’s time consuming anyway.
5. Look wise? – I must say that it is cosy. With those edges, thinness of the phone, shiny glass and variants colours available – Oppo f1s is really victorious in this aspect “Aesthetic”.
6 Reasons Why I Want Oppo F1s.

6.MEMORY WISE – This aspect is very important to all VLOGGERS, Photographer and selfie aficionados. The capacity of saving files to your phone is one of the features that I consider in a phone. Oppo f1s can has 32GB Rom and expandable to 128GB, amazing right. You can now take videos in HD and store it for a span of time.
6 Reasons Why I Want Oppo F1s.
Truly OPPO F1s is top of the line for me to be part of my VLOGGER’s gear in 2016. With an amount of PHP12, 000 , I am pretty sure that it is worth buying for.
P.S. After I uploaded the video in my Channel., I notice that  the file was recorded in 780P which is HD. Watch it again and set it to 780P
6 Reasons Why I Want Oppo F1s.

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