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6 Indiana Town Cemeteries Where Things (Could) Go Bump in the Night

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker
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I may not be the bravest person, but at least I can say that after watching Jeepers Creepers I did not need my spouse to turn on the hall light for me. Ahem.

However, given the right circumstances, like, say, an aged Indiana cemetery, it becomes entirely possible that I turn into a big wimp and want to run for the hills. Instead, I hold my ground and hope that nothing reaches up and grabs my ankle! Here’s my top picks for spooky small town cemeteries.

You could also call this the little Indiana Wouldn’t Go Here at Night Ever. Not Even for a Cupcake article. In other words? Horror writers could find great inspiration here while ghost hunters may have found their next location!

6 Indiana Cemeteries to Give You Goosebumps

Ball Hill Cemetery: Cutler, Indiana

Ball Hill Cemetery: Cutler, Indiana

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana — Located at the top of a very tall hill, the Autumn leaves don’t get much more beautiful than this. There’s some big wig buried here (hence the giant obelisk) but along the back lie the old gravestones, 1838 kind of old! As lovely as it is, the ground was so soft that I kept thinking about zombies. It’s easy to imagine something reaching up through that soft soil and pulling you down!

Underhill Cemetery in Saint Croix, Indiana — The creepiest part of this Indiana cemetery is just how far away it is from…well, everything! You’ll go down a gravel road that splits not once but twice! Nothing says if you are on the right path–or heading just where the axe murderer wants you to go. Once there? It is really quiet. Many plots are marked by actual stones instead of grave stones. The rows of stones are unusual and a little jarring.

Hindel/Hindle/Inwood Cemetery in Inwood, Indiana —  Long, long grass made navigating around this cemetery a bit hard. Maybe it was the storm moving in, maybe it was the tall monuments, or maybe it was just me, but it had a bit of a creepy feel! Even with the rush of fast-moving cars going by it felt kind of lonesome.

Sambo (Bethesda) Cemetery in Brownsburg, Indiana

Sambo (Bethesda) Cemetery in Brownsburg, Indiana

Sambo (Bethesda) Cemetery in Brownsburg, Indiana — Hubs watched the kids dozing in the car while I ran out and took pics of this old cemetery. Even though it was in pretty good shape and along a busy road…this cemetery completed freaked me out. I didn’t pause to read gravestones. I didn’t walk all the way to the end. Instead? I almost ran back to the car and locked the door. Ghost hunters may want to check this one out!

Portland Arch Cemetery/Portland Cemetery/Bear Cemetery in Fountain, Indiana — This cemetery is so old and sprawling that you’ll find gravestones here, there, and everywhere! They are very old and often in pieces. Some are leaning on trees, on each other, and even in a brier patch!

Sayler Makeever Cemetery in Rensselaer, Indiana — This is another old one (1838, I guess that was a good year to start cemeteries) but it’s in great shape. However, the John Doe gravestone located among the pioneer tombstones may give you pause. His body was found in brush along I-65. He was estimated to be 25-26 years old and was buried April 22, 1986. It’s a scary thing to find near a small town!

Go There

So there you have it! Six Indiana cemeteries across the state to give you a bit of Indiana history with a touch of Halloween spookiness thrown in for good measure.

By all means go there–just don’t go alone! Need to get in the Halloween spirit? Head to the Hoosier Horror Blog Hop for heaps more haunting fun!

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