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6 Foolproof Tips for Preparing the Flower Girl for Wedding

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Tips for Preparing the Flower Girl for Wedding

One of the cutest part of the wedding ceremony is watching the little boys and girls walk down the aisle. You will never get tired of looking at the flower girls walking while sprinkling petals to welcome the bride. However, for her to walk the aisle and carry on her role perfectly, she needs a bit of preparation. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but here are tips to get the flower girl ready for the day and her role

tips for preparing flower girl

1.Practice More

If you have picked your flower girl, you need to start training her immediately for the big day. Start practicing with her months before your wedding. You can go to the venue and start training her on what to do. Do this every chance you get to ensure she gets it.

This is so important, especially for the younger girls. Teach them how to walk, not too fast. Come up with a way which she will learn to count her steps. It is easy for the older girls to learn. But if your flower girl is younger spend a little more time practicing.

2.Comfortable Clothes

Ensure that the flower girl is comfortable with what she is wearing. The flower girl dresses should not be too long. This is to avoid her tangling her legs and falling down. Do not get her to wear uncomfortable shoes, such as high heels or too tight shoes. If she is not comfortable, she might lose focus and not deliver her task well.

3.The Bridal Shower

The flower girl will get motivated to do well if you invite her to the bridal shower. She will get to see and know other members of the bridal team. Interacting with them will ease up the tension on the wedding day since they will be familiar to her already. Find more ways to bond with the flower girl before the wedding.

4.Makeup and Hair

Have the flower girl join the other bridesmaid when doing their hair and makeup. She will feel like she is a part of the wedding. Make sure her hair is well done. In case she is wearing flowers on her head, make sure they are well secured so that they will not fall.

Do not put the heavy makeup on her face, she is only a child. Look for accessories that will match with their white flower girl dresses.

5.Feed Them Lightly

A hungry child is an angry child. Children cannot control their hunger. To avoid a meltdown due to hunger in the middle of the ceremony, ensure that she is well fed before she walks down the aisle. The ideal time to give them something to eat is before dressing them up for the wedding. Feeding her while already dressed, she might spill food or drinks on her cute dress.

6. Let Somebody Watch over the Kids

Have someone to help you take care of the children. Let her help the flower girl walk in the right direction.

A little preparation will get you far. Keep the children taking part in your wedding happy and enthusiastic? Give them small gifts to keep them motivated. With enough preparations and training, you can rest assured that all will go as planned.

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